Myth: In the best universities in the U.S. education

Explanation of the myth: Universities of Western countries provide a comprehensive, broad education and provide release of competent and well-trained professionals. In Western universities can get a better education than in Russia.

This myth has appeared in the perestroika era. The word "bachelor", "master", "college" sounded mysterious and attractive. Over time, many will have the opportunity to evaluate these concepts to their own experience. What is it and how can I learn? What is the difference people wearing such title?


USA. "I graduated from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute, Faculty of engineering. In the early 90's fate brought me to the computer industry, where I managed quite well realized professionally. This professional way, in the end, brought to America. Only there, after 56 years of his life and career, I realized I HAVE WHAT A WONDERFUL EDUCATION, even "for free".

On the fifth year we have been the subject of "Organization of production" — Not the most important and most beloved, passed and forgotten. I thought about it when I came across the program of managerial courses for heads of departments of the company where I worked. These courses are not sent anybody, and people who have been subordinated by 100-150. The course was designed for 2 weeks, and the value of ee was $ 7,500 per person.

There was a time when I had to conduct interviews with the candidates for the post of DBA (database administrator). Among the candidates were fresh university graduates with a degree Computer Engineering (Computer Science). I usually come up with some conditional problems and asked the applicant to state the principles of solution. A typical response "Young Professionals" was something like this: "Oh, sorry, you do not have such a screen here, as we showed at the university. We have been taught that we must first click the mouse on the top left, and then at the bottom".

Absolutely everything is on the verge of fainting when I asked to formulate a theorem de Morgaon. Meanwhile, it is a thing that is very practical for databases with ee can help you to optimize queries. Okay, I thought, maybe, just forget the name of the author, and ask them how you can convert a Boolean expression "OR" in the expression "And" — It is useless.

We have passed this stuff on the 3rd course of lectures on mathematical logic.

There was a case when I was approached by the head of department and asked "Friends with Benefits" solve examples for his son — a college student. It turned out calculations series-parallel chains of resistance (Theory of Electrical Engineering — 1, 2 courses). I quickly did, he was pleased, sincerely thanks, said "magic".

Why he came up with this issue is to me from the hundreds of people in the department? Why in a foreign country, I feel very confident in their abilities, not afraid to take on any professional problems, to defend their views in any discussion? The older I get, the better I understand that I had a bit of brain power invested Velikoth Country that no longer exists. I did not go to an elite university and was not the best student on the course, I am one of the many that got me was the norm, and for those students I see around me now, it's — the space? level.

In addition to specific knowledge, we have brought systems thinking, that is, the ability to see the problem in its entirety and get to the essence, the ability to search for what we do not know. In the U.S., these qualities can boast mostly members of the elite, ordinary people do not think much is taken.

What stands in modern America to get an education that in the Soviet Union, I got just by being born?

World famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology — MIT. Tuition fees in 20102011 academic year is $ 39212. The cost of the hostel and meals — $ 11234, books and other expenses$ 2764.

Illinois Institute of Technology — IIT. Not as well known as MIT, but sturdy and gives high-quality knowledge. Education in 20112012 academic year will cost $ 19,008, dormitory and meals — $ 12,400. Together with other expenses total balance is $ 34342 … "

We can say that it is not so costly to the representatives of "big business", but this article is not addressed to them.

"… And here's an example of the institution simpler level is not the one: University of Northern Iowa (University of Northern Iowa).
These universities have in every state, they are considered to be more accessible,
"folk". Here, in general, students are offered the program of liberal arts, psychology, fine arts. There are also technical programs, but their quality is incomparably lower than in the first two examples, I think that's what the graduates of these universities to my interview went.

In 20102011 academic year, tuition costs, along with a dorm and meals is $ 14,148 for residents of Iowa and $ 22,488 for residents of other states. Another $ 1055 will have to pay for textbooks, regardless of location.

Yes, everyone knows that there is light at student loans. They are very convenient to take, but do not always want to give.

Recently, adult daughter shared with me the history of the suffering of a close friend. The problem is as old as the world — girl wants to marry, but does not add up. Never mind that the character — not sugar and appearance — not Hollywood, the main problem — the debt of $ 80,000 after graduation. All candidates for brides get scared and disappear once they learn about it. Lovely girl, beware of debt. The same applies to young men. "

NEW YORK, April 26, 2012. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Bekrenev /. In several major U.S. cities on Wednesday were student demonstrations demanding to stop the rise in student loans in the country. As economists say, the total debt taken on to education loans in the country has exceeded the mark of $ 1 trillion.

One of the largest demonstrations took place in New York's Union Square in Manhattan, where hundreds of students have graduated from universities and citizens demanded that the government provide them with the opportunity to pursue higher education without getting into debt bondage. On the chest of each of the protesters hung a sign with the amount of their debt. Some protesters even publicly burned the loan documents.

According to one of the protesters, 31-year-old dentist Hadi Nassar, after eight years of training his debt totaled 186 thousand dollars in connection with which it is likely to have to give up plans to work in the health charities. "I have this very annoying. I have to give up what I wanted to do — to help people. Indeed salary for such work would never allow me to pay the debt," — he said.

The organizers of the protests compared the problem of rising student debt, which exceeds the amount payable under any other consumer loans, the mortgage crisis in the U.S. in 2008, which led to the global financial and economic crisis. In this regard, the protesters urged the federal government to help students, as was the case with the banks at the height of the crisis. 

= Asian reporter. 12 September 2012. NEW YORK. In the U.S., nearing the point of collapse of the education system, writes New York Times.
American students are trying to draw attention to themselves by wearing T-shirts with deposited the sum of their debt for school — 90 million dollars, 75 million dollars, 20 million dollars
Approximately 5.9 million happy graduates were unable to pay for the last year of compulsory education loan payments — roughly one in six. The total student default is 76 billion dollars, exceeding the total annual tuition fee of all students over the course of the second. 

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