Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt

Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt
Myths and legends of mysterious and mysterious Egypt literally staggering, as are the most colorful in the history of many ancient civilizations.
Consider a few of them, which often can be heard.

The myth that in fact the Earth was created
Numerous myths were that many millions of years ago in what is now the Earth was a mess and chaos. The entire territory occupied vast ocean, which was called "Nun". The ocean looked quite bleak, and he had no boundaries. Ocean water was ice cold. Nothing easily disturb the peace. Walked century, and later millennia, but the ocean was unmoved. But one day there was an incredible event, forbidding waters of the ocean suddenly swayed, and on its surface appeared god Atum.

He said that there is and that it intends to create a whole world. Atum shouted that he had no parents, and that he is himself, and his mother and father. He expressed a desire to establish themselves like gods who would help him rule the population of the earth.

Atum created every day, more and more, he created the goddess of rain, all the water of the world were its authority and the god of the wind. These two gods were the first of the existing pair. But with Atum accident happened because the ground is still shrouded in darkness, in the darkness, he lost his children. As he tried to find them failed. Atum desperate and pulled at his one eye and whispered to the eye did what he wanted. He ordered him to find his beloved children and return them to him.

But the first attempt was unsuccessful search of children, and only after many thousands of years the eye could find them in the waters of the ocean.

When created Atum children returned to him, the eye saw that his place was taken by a new eye. He was not furious Atum and lamented that he had served so faithfully and received an award this neglect. But God reassured him and told him that from now on he will be on his forehead.

But the eye still was not satisfied and wanted to take revenge for his betrayal. He decided to turn into a venomous cobra. After conversion of Atum still put it on his forehead. Since then, every king and the crown is decorated with the symbol of a snake ruler.

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