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If Russia a new project mercilessly criticized, for me it is a signal success of the project. The logic is simple, Russia is part of the global market. Estetsvenno, in this market there are many who are not interested in that Russia was named in that market competition. The market is already tight, no one happy new player. Now, if the Russian draft would be doomed to failure, and initially it would be clear that they are created only for cutting attendants, then there is nothing to make a fuss, on the contrary, it is necessary to support such projects, they will play against Russia. If the projects are real, and their implementation is facing the loss of old-timers of the market part of it, then it is necessary to include all the ways to prevent this, including the information.

And no conspiracy, just business. Obviously the same as the project to discredit his realzatsii — a very good idea for a competitor, it's inexpensive and effective. About this situation has arisen around the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. And there were both external and domestic competitors, and that and that the plane was like a bone in the throat. If the project is implemented would not dry, still did not go, but it was obvious that the producer of some of the world's finest combat aircraft, being at the forefront of technological innovation, and has extensive experience in global markets, not to lose face, will create a great airplane.

Alarmed the old-timers of the market — "Bamborde" and "Embraer". Because they knew — their planes out of date. Outdated and technically, but most importantly — their outdated arrangement: if SSJ in Row 5 seats, large shelves, wide aisles, the competitors only 4 seats in a row, where as closer shelves and narrow aisles. And the airlines would like to increase the comfort for passengers to compete.

   Offended and our company, who have already had their aircraft in its class, it is the An-148 and Tu-334. And then do not be offended if the work were working, and the funding given to the company that has experience in creating even airliners not. And if the An-148 is still found his niche and has successfully produced and flying (and if not for Ukrainian colleagues have had the chance to be even more successful), the Tu-334 and did not find demand, and future developments in the balance. Most offensive of all, the plane is really good, spacious lounge, a wide degree of commonality with other liners. It was very sad.

And that starts by competitors information attack, criticism on the edge, and sometimes beyond what is permitted. Connect to it and also the opponents of the authorities, as they see here the prospect of once again criticize the government for the fact that the money for such an important project is not given to those who deserve it. For example, Maxim Kalashnikov writescrushing article, stating that the project is even officially recognized as a failure. The plane is criticized for advantage, for the low efficiency. Links to sources of information is not, but who needs them, because it iseveryone knows.

This is precisely the struggle beyond. Such stateek there was a weight on the plane a violent mass information attack. But recently come to an end, Sukhoi Superjet 100 is the first Russian passenger airliner certified in accordance c aviation regulations EASA CS-25

This means that the aircraft is recognized all over the world, any airline can buy it in the end is advertising plane. And most importantly — if the plane would have been bad, it would never, no amount of money would not have certified standards by EASA.

By the way, in the same article Kalashnikov term certification to these standards is specified as the end of 2012. And that's optimistic, since in the other articles I've seen and other times, 2013, 2014. Dry but did the trick much earlier.

The aircraft is now about two hundred orders, operators are verysatisfied by plane— And SSJ used on all cylinders, includingon foreign lines. And this is the main answer to the claims of the skeptics — if the planes are buying, it means they are good.

By the way, the critics are silent about what SSJ 100can own, automatically, to sit down.

However, the majority of the critics claim there is no proof, the criticism is often a fiction, speculation or outright lies. And since nothing else, competitors will not envy, it is necessary to prove that the plane was bad when the plane is actually good.

Here, for example, argues that the plane peretyazhelen. But no convincing evidence for this is not. However, for the new plane of overweight small — business as usual. These sins and newest Boeing 787, for example. But here at once to 3 tons, of any such information is available. But when not, they are easy to imagine. For example, citing an unnamed source. Or even on the GSS, despite the fact that they were never told of this.

It's the same with the economy. The aircraft entirely within the declared characteristics, as evidenced by the signature of Aeroflot in the act of acceptance of the next board. It's all in black and white. But those who zayavlyachet of increased consumption, no matter what do not refer.

They also say that the planes that were transferred to Aeroflot will later be replaced, as no pattern matching customer requirements. True, but this is not the complete truth. Planes, though not matching, the requirements of the customer, but only by a complete set of the cabin. Aeroflot has not had time to give the TOR for passenger compartment, and has supplied aircraft in a typical configuration. Since Aeroflot aircraft is leased, then there is nothing criminal in the subsequent replacement neskolkoih aircraft on other side.

It is said that the plane's engines are located low and this limits the scope of its application. But the plane successfully flies to regional airports, including those in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Gelendzhik. Actually, if you look at the picture of the spread of air flow, it appears that the place where the engines SSJ — the safest.

And here is where location of the engine Tu-334, and just all the dust flying from the runway. This is clearly seenin these photos. About the fact that the sand is, in fact, is not particularly dangerous enginesdescribes here.
The fact that in these tests are passed at tons of sand. Otherwise, the engine just does not certify. By the way, SSJ can not only take but also fly on one engine.

  • Photo from  "Chariton Tskhovrebov" in Nizhny Novgorod
  • Photo from "Chariton Tskhovrebov" in Nizhny Novgorod

Photo from "Chariton Tskhovrebov" in Nizhny Novgorod is said that the plane is 80% made from imported parts. That's not true, I have this questionalready dismantled. But, nevertheless, it is true that the aircraft uses a lot more of imported equipment than the Tu-334. But this is his preemuschestvo. And it's not that our equipment is imported worse, not worse. Here's another (and Pogosyan understood it immediately, the benefit of experience in the international market has a big). That is what should be the plane, the customer dictates.

Yes, unfortunately it is, konstrutora are as many souls to invest in their offspring, but will buy it or not, will decide the airline. And you need not only to airlines, aircraft to be reliable. They want to see if the plane is still broken, it could be quickly repaired at any airport in the world, where the plane is currently located. That is why the plane found the equipment that is common throughout the world, that is, parts on it are everywhere, at any airport, and yet there is a technique that is able to remonitrovat equipment. Every hour of downtime — it's a huge loss for the airline companies. And they do not want to take risks. That's why on the SSJ100 two hundred orders, and on the Tu-334 — units.

You have to understand — the plane can be successful only if it will be sold worldwide. Only in the world market have the opportunity to recoup the cost of its production. And initially was to create just such a plane. And with that dry admirably. Europeans recognition of his valuable.

The whole world thinks Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. And once we diligently trying to distance itself from him. But it is time to realize that our noveshy liner — it's what we really can be proud of.

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