MZ TONAR ships a large quantity of poultry

Until the end of 2011, the Ministry of Health, LLC "Tonar" manufactured and shipped to the customer — one of the largest meat producers in the Southern Federal District, 12 semi-trailers with a hydraulic roof poemom to transport poultry. Another party of 9 of the same semi-ready to send to the Kursk region. Only in November — December 2011 on the orders of Russian and Belarusian companies were manufactured with 25 semi-hydraulic lifting roof for transportation of poultry.

Help. Trailers with hydraulic lifting roof for transportation of poultry MZ "Tonar" produces since 2008, is a two-axle Thonar-974617 capable of carrying from 5600 and a three-axis Thonar-97461N — from 6160 birds. Each model is modified to carry a variety of containers, depending on the manufacturer slaughterhouse (STORK, MEYN, LINKO, etc.).

Besides the Ministry of Health "Tonar" manufactures trailers for the transport of poultry Thonar-85793 and sets ptitsevoznye bodywork on cars.

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