MZTK turbocharger — the only plant in Ukraine TURBOCHARGERS.

MZTK "turbocharger" — the only plant in Ukraine TURBOCHARGERS.

The leaders of motor companies, agricultural firms, service stations and private car owners immediately ask themselves the question: how is this possible? After Ukrainian Internet is full of offers to sell and repair of turbochargers! And yet, "turbocharger" indeed unique. This correspondent made "UkrAvtoServis', which was the editorial task — to hold a sort of audit of the plant: is Melitopol turbochargers such a unique and deserves all the positive reviews that sound in his address?


For you to come, "Auditor"

I decided not to come up with a legend saying that I am a potential customer who wanted to see the production. The journalist as a journalist. But then came in Melitopol without notice. In such cases, there is often a slight panic, but to "TURBOKOMe" for the visit of the representative of the press reacted calmly. It turns out, the plant is often visited and person abruptly: MPs, government officials, foreign delegations. Local authorities, demonstrating the industrial potential of the city, often driven by important guests is to "turbocharger". Later, I understood why.

But I began a conversation with the leadership with the question of why MZTk positions itself as the only plant in Ukraine turbochargers.

— The fact that the status of the plant requires a complex requirements. First, it is directly the production itself and repair sites. Second, test and diagnostic laboratory. Thirdly, the engineering and design department. Fourth, the system of quality control. Fifth, the marketing service. The list goes on another ten points. But it's obvious that Ukraine is difficult to find a manufacturer that would fully satisfy at least five conditions above, — says Director of Melitopol factory turbo "turbocharger" Vladimir Ovcharenko.

Trust, but verify — the first commandment of the journalist. So, after listening to the head, is asking for a tour of the company.

Factory Anatomy

The first thing you notice when you visit "TURBOKOMa" — cleanliness. Both within and in the shops. And this despite the fact that the whole factory complex occupies bolee1 gaploschadi, and the production belongs to the category of "dirty". Flower beds, eating and other ornamental plants here can live together side by side with the production facilities.

I ever been before on similar undertakings engaged in the restoration of the TCR, so to compare it with anything. I was sure that the production and repair of turbochargers — is greasy shop with employees in the same greasy overalls and equipment, which remembers the times of Soviet five-year plans.

"Turbocharger" broke my stereotype. Workshops are divided by specialization. The newest equipment of foreign manufacture. Secretly, I was hoping to still find some "museum piece", but did not. Staff for the machines dressed in clean overalls with a corporate logo. It became clear that the plant management is worried not only about the quality of products, but also about the culture of production. Although these two concepts are closely related.

— A year ago, "turbocharger" received an international certificate of quality control system ISO 9001:2008. This was preceded by two years of hard work. We have completely updated the production base, our experts were trained on training and seminars, and then take exams. In fact, we grew our own culture production. Control was hard, from the quality of the raw materials used and verify the qualifications of the staff to analyze the level of marketing and customer service — says technical director Vitaly Plakun.

It is clear that the output is a product of exceptional quality and reliability. Proof is in the fact that turbochargers with the logo "turbocharger" in demand not only in Ukraine. For many years, Melitopol plant supplies TCR for various businesses and trade organizations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, Egypt, Vietnam and some other countries.


Today Melitopol's'kiy turbo "turbocharger" is engaged in manufacturing turbochargers for all types of automotive and agricultural machinery, which is produced in the CIS countries, as well as various foreign models, particularly for Japanese machinery KOMATSU. Another technical achievement of the company — the launch of this year's series production of TCR for vehicles such as: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, Tata, Foton, «Bogdan."

Buy turbocharger "TURBOKOMe" gives the right number of advantages. First, the quality of TCR Melitopol plant is not inferior to the German and the Japanese originals. Secondly, the price is about 2-3 times lower.

Repair TCR is the second base specialization of the enterprise. And recover the turbocharger Melitopol specialists come from, no matter who made it. In this case, the repair work the plant as a guarantee.

— Usually, the problem of failure of the turbocharger owners of new cars collide after 150,000 kilometers. That is, when the warranty has long expired. There are two ways — either buy the original TCR, or looking for an alternative. The second option seems more attractive price. But there is a caveat. Often the purchase is made by dealers who are engaged in the resale of common units and spare parts. Own production facilities they have. Thus, the owner buys a turbocharger, but it does not buy tech support. Our factory has a serious technical base for repair. Therefore, the car owner, who bought the TCR with the logo "turbocharger", gets rid of all the headaches associated with that node. MZTk has its own dealer network in Ukraine and the issue of the replacement or repair of turbocharger is solved in a matter of days, — said Vitaly Plakun.

Turbochargers are checked at the booth running hot. For Ukraine, it is a rarity. Competitors' TURBOKOMa "use only" cold "test (which allows you to simply make sure that all elements of the TCR function correctly.) But stand on hot running Melitopol's'kiy recreates the conditions of use turbochargers. Accordingly, it is possible to fix the actual levels: efficiency, vibration resistance, thermal resistance, aerodynamics.

Work bench running hot for me was the final argument in favor of "TURBOKOMa" if my turbocharged "Volkswagen" fails TCR.

How to buy a quality CTE

In dealing with the plant I could not help but touch on another issue.

— About a year ago, one of my friends complained of Kiev, bought a turbocharger for your production, but he did not go through a couple of months. At the station he grieved, they say, it's not turbokomovsky TCR and fake. I understand that this problem could face not only my friend. Can you tell us how to buy a quality turbo — I asked the question Vladimir Ovcharenko.

— Indeed, once the company gains a reputation of a reliable business partner, immediately are willing to earn extra money on someone else's image. Those who need to buy a quality turbocharger is our production should be aware of the following. All our turbochargers have a hologram manufacturer's brand logo, brand individual packaging. The delivery of each turbocharger includes: Turbo-treated anti-corrosion compound, plastic bag to pack the TCR; turbochargers data sheet with instructions, advice, device description and diagnosis of the TCR, warranty card, a set of pads for mounting the turbocharger on the vehicle color original cardboard box. If you see a discrepancy — is a reason to doubt the originality of the node — Vladimir G. gave recommendations.

— MZTk "turbocharger" is always open for business cooperation. Today, our customers turbochargers in different regions of Ukraine are the service station, auto, transportation and agricultural companies, companies that have their fleet equipment and so on. You can be sure that the cooperation would be mutually beneficial — concluded our dialogue appeal to potential business partners Vladimir Ovcharenko.

Well, given the current technological capabilities of the plant "turbocharger" and the fact that the design office develops new line of fuel dispensers to start the series,
there is no doubt that the already impressive dealer network MZTk will expand exponentially.

"Revision" of the plant conducted Sergey Vasiliev

All-Ukrainian car magazine "Auto Service"

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