Narodnaya Volya and Nasha Niva

Lee closed during the month of "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya"?

Meet the experts:

Pavljuk Bykovskii, columnist "Belarusians and Market", a media expert: About 80% of the time, it's possible. For certain officials it could be a career move if they are able to convince the authorities that it is necessary, for the rest of society — a very bad sign. After all power before you begin to trade with the West, usually make two steps back, then to make a step forward.

Ales Bialiatski, head of the unregistered Human Rights Center "Viasna": These papers will be closed for a month. I am convinced that the time palohannya finished, and from the 19th of December in us it is time to open, and action in respect of civil society, human rights defenders. Finally it came to the media. The first is a very serious signal was associated with the conclusion of Andrzej Poczobut, and here we see the following signals on the two most popular and oldest Belarusian newspapers. We are going through a time of open war government and civil society.

Alexander Fyaduta, writer and political consultant, one of the leaders of the "Tell the Truth": Very good chance that will close. Information Minister Oleg Proleskovsky said that "the decision whether to issue these papers, the court will, as it should be in a civilized country." Since they started talking about civilized countries and the Courts, it means everything is not very civilized and not by the court .

As I sat in the "American girl", the Attorney General, the Vasiljevic said that all lawyers will be guaranteed access to their clients and that everything will be just like in Europe. I do not know where in Europe, but I for all time in "American woman" had no option but the first day of the day of arrest, free to consult with a lawyer.

Responsible Komarovka

Lee closed during the month of "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya"?

Mr.: I do not think so — well, one must have some decency. In principle, it would go to court to "Belsoyuzpechat" for something that takes the market a limited number of these newspapers.

Youth: Judging from what happened to the "Autoradio", they repeat his fate. Of course, it's a sad fact, but most likely they will achieve this. For us it is very easy to do.

Mrs.No, these papers can not be closed. No, because I already tired and the election, the president and look at it all. How is that possible? You — the legitimate President, if you were elected, and if this is true, then it is not necessary to be afraid of. And fear and shut when something is not true.

Youth: In our state — yes, they will be closed, as well as "Autoradio". If this is not the right information for our head of state if he does not want people to hear this information, they will be closed. To all the channels were as BT, they will close — is without question or comment.

Girl: Will close in each case. Although a "Autoradio" all stretched and, with newspapers so is unlikely to happen. Many people read the newspaper, a lot acquire these newspapers — it's quite popular publications in our country. They write something that people really want to hear and want to know. Some people do not need it so close, of course.

Youth: They will reduce the number, of course, in response to recent events — it is logical. But that will close all — it's not likely. Why? Do not you journalists to tell what the information war. Information warfare in Belarus will cause an information war against Belarus foreign — I'm almost sure of it.

Mr.: I think not. There must be some information campaign — to explain to the population primarily because of the closure. I tell you the truth, I do not know what the reasons are, because the media is poorly lit. I watch a lot of TV, I read on the internet and I do not know.

Mrs.: I think it will not. If people are going to write some letters, then perhaps it will be the result.

Mr.: I think it will not be closed, because it is giving an extra reason to say that Belarus has violated the principles of democracy, what's the last dictatorship in Europe. Close one newspaper, the other — the benefits of Belarus, the authorities will not. The President said that Belarus should be the opposition and not the fifth column. Well — let the opposition and expresses its views in these newspapers or other publications. I do not think that newspapers will be closed.

Youth: I do not think so, because in accordance with the law, they can close the media in the event that it spreads war appeals to national hatred. A "Our Field" and "Narodnaya Volya" want to close for political reasons. So I think that if the public community to unite around this problem, our independent media to survive in this confrontation.

Weather experts:

Yes — 3

No — 0

Weather Komarovka

Yes — 4

No — 6

Who was right?


Or will happen within the next month sharply, up to 20% or more, the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble?

Stanislav Bogdanovich — not

Sergei Zhbanov — not

Leonid Zlotnikov — not

Weather Komarovka

Yes — 3

No — 7

Devaluation — reducing the authority of the official exchange rate of the national currency against foreign currencies. On March 18 in Belarus decreased the official exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble against the dollar by 10%.

Accurate prediction given all three experts, and 7 out of 10 experts Komarovka


Will there be a month ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi?

Vadim Hyginus — not

Arkady Dubnov — so

Denis Melyantsou — so

Weather Komarovka:

Yes — 10

Until April 28, Muammar Gaddafi was ousted from power.

Accurate Weather gave only one judge — Vadim Hyginus.

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