Narrowed my Mummers … and if privorozhenny?

October 3, 2012 13:48

Conspiracy of love — the most popular and dangerous kind of love magic. Enamoured people think differently: with all my heart wanting to achieve reciprocity elect, at any price they are willing to do exploits and real madness. Many sincerely believe that a set of simple manipulation, supported by two-three sentences will present them favor a loved one on a plate or, alternatively, make out of love.

In fact, most want to create the spell does not even have a general idea about this type of magic, and the possible consequences. Try to figure out together.
I bewitch you, I said, "Be with me" …
There are some signs of love spell.
As a result of the ritual, the behavior changes dramatically privorozhennogo. Signs of magical effects can be:

— depression,
— listlessness,
— problems with alcohol
— Flash unwarranted aggression,
— general inadequacy
— social degradation (loss of interest in work, indifference to his family, an unwillingness to achieve something)
— sudden withdrawal from family or saving only formal relations.
Sometimes the spell becomes a catalyst for a variety of diseases that were present in the initial stage privorozhennogo or implicit. For example, if a person was predisposed to mental disorders, this feature may be enhanced and successfully develop up to dissociation. I bewitch men may have problems with potency, and women — gynecological diseases (as spell or lapel designed to manipulate not only the subconscious mind, but also with sexual desire). Moreover, the effect of a love spell can spread not only on the object of desire, but also on his family (including children).
What is important to know about the love spell?
First, no matter how strong your feelings are, love spell — this violence over another. "The Sacrifice" will always subconsciously aware that suddenly erupted feeling — inspired by, and if the action is a love spell will weaken any warm feelings for bewitch him, people will not suffer.
Second, there are no "good white" or "bad black" charms. Do not kid yourself, in any case, spell — a manipulation of consciousness with a stranger here and no good can not be.
Third, the power of magic, often depends on the amount paid for the hex or image of the object (usually doing a love spell on the photo), as well as the strength and skills of the magician. Many situations where people, in desperation, turn to quacks ostentatious. Help those in any case can not, but the plot twist love is a curse or damage — easily.
Fourth, the effects of love magic can not remove psychological (psychoanalytic, psychiatric, psychological, etc.) ways. Their methods can only reduce the impact. It will not help in this case and flap (as a result will be the same damage). In this case, remove the spell can only experienced parapsychologist.

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