Nasha Niva and Narodnaya Volya closed for incorrect lighting attack

Information Minister Oleg Proleskovsky said that his department seeks the Supreme Economic Court to stop the release of "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya" for incorrect lighting terrorist attack in the Minsk metro on these publications, told BelTA.

Speaking at a seminar leaders of the national media in Grodno, Oleg Proleskovsky said that the petition — a "right and my ministry as a minister, a personal position."

"The fact that they dared to help some politicians dance on the bones after the attack — pardon such things will not," — he added.

According to the minister, in covering the events on April 11 in Minsk metro Belarusian media were divided not on the principle of public and private, and to decent and indecent.

"Some media openly piyarylisya, distort the facts, and this is unacceptable. This just what what they want terrorists — to sow fear and panic in the society, "- said Oleg Proleskovsky.

The human rights organization "Reporters without Borders" condemned the actions of the Ministry of Information of Belarus to the Supreme Economic Court of the discontinuation of the newspapers "Nasha Niva"And" Narodnaya Volya ".

In a statement, "Reporters Without Borders" emphasize that the closure of these newspapers would be "very tough decision" because "the loss publications whose circulation is almost half of the total circulation of all independent press is a fatal blow to the very limited and so the Belarusian media pluralism."

The human rights organization recalled that repeatedly condemned the Belarusian law on mass media, which "is used as the main tool for putting pressure on the independent media."

"Reporters without Borders" urged the Supreme Economic Court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Previously expressed concern about lawsuits, the OSCE Representative for Media Dunja Mijatovic.

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