Natural antibiotic

In nature — our health. The properties of natural antibiotics has long been known to healers and quacks.


Cranberry — the best assistant in the cold. Suffice it crushed berries with sugar or honey and add to the tea. Cranberries — a valuable source of vitamin C and antioxidants — substances that prolong youth. Cranberry juice can treat the wound, it is an excellent antiseptic. Cranberry normalizes gastrointestinal microflora. Used in the control of urinary infections.

Kalina Krasnaya

For old properties very similar to cranberry cranberries. Decoctions and infusions can be prepared not only from the fruit of Viburnum, but also from the leaves, bark and flowers. They are used as a rinse for sore throat and laryngitis, help restore the "missing" voice. Proven to be effective and this home remedy as viburnum in honey — it can treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract and swelling associated with dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Natural "antibiotic"

Traditionally cranberries used for medicinal purposes, as it is a very valuable medicinal plant.

Healthily In COWBERRY include berries and leaves. Their medicinal properties are due to the chemical composition. In berries cranberries contain a lot of vitamins, they are particularly rich in vitamin C to replenish the vitamin is better to eat fresh berries straight from the bush, as part of the dry fruit of useful elements destroyed.

However, dried cranberries berries also contain a considerable amount of valuable substances, so they should brew with boiling water with ash and rosehip and drink tea as a vitamin.

According to the number contained in cranberries Carotene — Vitamin A, it surpasses even cranberries, lemons, apples, pears, blueberries and grapes. Also, it is rich in vitamin B2. in berries cranberries contains catechins, sugar, tannin and pectin, mineral salts, organic acids — acetic, citric, malic acid, oxalic acid and formic acid.

Berries and leaves of bilberry having disinfectant and diuretic and is used in rheumatism, kidney stones, cystitis, gout, pyelonephritis. In these cases, use fresh berries soaked and boiled. As well cranberries enhances the effect of antibiotics and sulfa drugs activity, which is why it is recommended for febrile patients and to increase appetite after serious illness and injury. In these cases, cranberry juice is very useful, because it combines the anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, inhibits the development of bacteria and helps to eliminate toxins. Such acidic drink perfectly quenches thirst, and vitamins in its composition restore power. This juice is also useful in oncology, cancer intoxication.

Lingonberry KNOWN AS GREAT wound healing, tonic, antipyretic, and antiscorbutic Anthelminthics.
This berry promotes good digestion, increases the flow of saliva, pancreatic and gastric juices, so it is perfect for the treatment of gastritis with low acidity and inflammation of the pancreas. Cranberries also used for the treatment of hypertension as an adjuvant.

Brusnichnaya water is very good for sunstroke and overheating, pain in the joints, and is used to gargle for sore throat. Dilution lingonberry water is used for washing of varicose ulcers and cools the compression. Mothers have good lingonberry jam, to avoid mastitis and other postnatal inflammatory diseases. Usually, they are assigned to 2-3 teaspoons of jam. A lingonberry jam with honey is an excellent remedy for prostatitis.

Cowberry juice is used as an external remedy for scabies and herpes. Swiss scientists have found that cranberry syrup can sighted. Therefore, they are recommended to use a syrup and elderly motorists.

RECIPES OF RECOVERY with cranberries

• Get lingonberry water can be soaked with berries. It is often used as a mild laxative.

• Morse of cranberries
To cook the cranberry juice to pour a glass of cranberry two cups of water and bring to a boil, then add 5 — 6 teaspoons of sugar, and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat. This juice is especially good for colds.

• cranberry juice
This juice with honey for coughs RECOMMENDED FOR sputum. Also, cranberry juice and honey tonic is used for colds, diabetes, measles, arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

Cranberry juice is also good for kidney, liver, bladder and gall bladder, as it has a good diuretic. Assigned poisoning, diathesis, for the treatment of tumors of the stomach, and skin cancers.

Oleoresin of coniferous trees

In Siberia and the Urals, has long used the sap of cedar, fir and larch for pain relief and faster healing of wounds, boils, ulcers, burns, cuts, bites of snakes. In the old sap Siberian healers used to treat cataracts and cataract, for fast matching of bone fractures, are widely used in the treatment of cancer, gastric and duodenal ulcers, treatment of diseases of the nervous system.


Mustard has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It improves digestion and makes even the most digestible "heavy" foods. It has long been known for "grandma's recipe": at the first sign of a cold to hover your feet in the water with mustard and sprinkle a little bit of mustard powder in your socks — then the next morning "sickness, like a hand lift." Mustard powder, dissolved in warm water with honey and used to rinse, treat sore throat and removes the feeling of "sore."


The smell of garlic brings relief for sore throat, runny nose, and whooping cough — you just need to cut a slice of fresh garlic and inhale its fragrance. The infusion made from crushed cloves, get rid of pinworms, cure sore throat, cough and upper respiratory tract.

Natural "antibiotic"

Herbal antibiotics are contained in the juice of onions — both white and red. Alcoholate onions can be used to treat respiratory infections, as a means to combat intestinal parasites. Essential oils that are present in the bulbs, activates the glands of the nasal cavity, trachea and bronchi. Inhalation onion flavor accompanied by airway clearance. Raw onions, including green, good to eat in intestinal infections.

Natural "antibiotic"

Widely used in folk medicine found root radish juice, which is renowned as a strong cough and expectorant. It is characterized and antiseptic — they can handle the wound. Radish juice should be drunk to improve appetite and normalize the digestive system. However, it is contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.


The chemical composition of the substance is present horseradish called benzilizotiotsianat — a soft kind of natural antibiotics. It inhibits the bacteria that can cause a runny nose, cough, flu, inflammation of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. They say that the effectiveness of a 10-gram piece of shit can be equated to the effectiveness of 20 grams of synthetic antibiotics.

Natural "antibiotic"

Spectrum efficiency of propolis wide: assists in the healing of wounds, immune support at the appropriate level, and with almost all types of fungi can kill, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has analgesic effects.


It has its own anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, bronchodilator, antispasmodic, weak sedative, antihelminthic and many other properties.
Helps with the flu, colds, coughs and bronchitis, tonsillitis, and all kinds of respiratory diseases, diseases of the gums, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, neuralgia and various neuroses. Women are good to drink tea with thyme and make him a bath with cystitis and urinary system diseases.

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