Nekljaev: I will stand on the area of our future

Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu told the court that he would demand the call as witnesses Interior Minister Kuleshov and Alexander Lukashenko. Questioning of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva began the trial court in the Frunze Menske the second half of May 6 and was interrupted because of feeling sick defendant Alexander Fyaduta.

Judge Jeanne Zhukovskaja had to adjourn until May 10. Nyaklyayeu had to give a speech. He once said that he shared political and moral responsibility for what happened on December 19th: first of all, for being behind bars hundreds of people and dozens destined to sit in prison. According Neklyaeva, a position he has found in the first days after his arrest, because he understood the real intention of the authorities of intimidation of society. Nekljaev told how the KGB for the first interview with the investigator, he offered to stop the conveyor belt arrests in return for what will take all the blame.

"I already knew what would happen, and said I could take the blame for everything. Like, take me on the 357-m firing squad for plotting to seize power. No — replied. Why not? Because it needed a mass punishment, according to the courts allegedly massive crimes. "

Detailed analysis of the charge on his side, Nyaklyayeu said he did not do anything that is written in it. "Only 7 minutes, I participated in the events of December 19" — reminded Nyaklyayeu. According to him, the prosecution is based on the assumptions of the investigators, but only you can judge for action, not the intent. Former presidential candidate Nekljaev believes that to find out the truth about the events of December 19, you need to summon as witnesses the Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoly Kuleshov, action led crackdown on Independence Square, andAlexander Lukashenko, who admitted that he had ordered security officials.

Details Nyaklyayeu highlighted the results of the presidential election. According to the policy, they were rigged, like the previous elections in 2006 and 2001. In general, says Nekljaev, deception Society began in a referendum in 1995, after which he personally had finally broken with the current government:

The enemies would not have made such that made the first Belarusian referendum first Belarusian president.

"It all started with a referendum in 1995 on which Belarus was stripped of the national symbols and, in fact, derived from the use of the national language. The enemies would not have made such that made the first Belarusian referendum first Belarusian president. This was the reason for my conflict with him, with his power, which revealed his identity. For me, for the Belarusian poet who has national pride, it was an insult. "

Nyaklyayeu told how decided to run for president. According Neklyaeva, being the leader of "Tell the truth", he had no such intention, but after his arrest last year in May, decided that we should stop the lawlessness that reigns in the country and fight for freedom.

At the end of his speech Nyaklyayeu paid tribute to the people who found the courage to come to the area on December 19. On He said, the time comes, and Belarusian children will bring flowers to the area. The very same Nyaklyayeu not going to stop the fight for a free Belarus

"I'll stand by it, on the Plaza of our future, until it does not gather all Belarusians."

Speaking Neklyaeva judge Zhukovskaja twice tried to stop him, but eventually gave finish. At the same time, observers noted that the very judge bowed her head and wrote something like not listening Neklyaeva.

From the court of Alexander
Fyaduta taken to the 9th hospital, where he made the shots, cardiogram and other treatments. After a few hours Fyaduta brought home. "Now I feel better, more importantly, that the heart attack was not confirmed," — said the wife of the accused Liberty Marina Fyaduta.


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