Network of seismic stations will appear in the Altai Reserve

 The scientists plan to create in the Altai Reserve Teletskoye Lake seismic network to predict possible earthquakes in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion, the first station will be established in 2013, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Altai reserve deputy director for science Svetlana Chukhontsev.

Earlier this year, Vladimir Putin, while still in office, Prime Minister, requested MES and the Russian Academy of Sciences to develop a project to create a center of forecasting, monitoring and responding to emergencies in the Altai and Sayan highlands, where at the end of last year there were a number of strong earthquakes , repeat this year. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the cost of organizing a network of local seismic stations in southern Siberia for earthquake prediction will be more than 140 million rubles.

"Seismic help create a geological-geophysical model of the Earth's crust, which is essential for the study of movements of the crust. We will be able to study the amplitude of the seismic activity, to find out how often can be repeated earthquakes. In terms of predicting this will be a great help," — said Chukhontsev.

The first seismic station, as clarified by the agency interlocutor appear on cordons Altai reserve in 2013. In this case, the reserve staff intend to conclude a contract with the institution, which will include scientific and research cooperation. It is planned that in the study area and the impact area gets launch vehicle. Scientists hope to track power shock and tremors, which cause falling of the stairs.

"This year started reconnaissance work — a preliminary study area for the installation of seismic stations on the reserve. By prior agreement with the director of the reserve Igor Kalmykov station will be installed at the cordon Baygazan, town Yaylyu, Kamga cordon, and the availability of additional financing institution geographical exploration techniques to around Teletskoye Lake fault to the mouth Chulyshman (cordon Chiri) "- explained Chukhontsev.

As recalled companion agency, since 2003, as part of a testing ground for the monitoring of seismic events in the Altai works seismological station in the central Altai estate settlement Yaylyu Biosphere Reserve.

"Yaylinskaya seismic benefit its location due to the fact that it has a high resolution with respect to weak earthquakes — events going on Teletskoye Lake fault. Data obtained in the geodynamic monitoring strategy for earthquake prediction in the Altai Mountains. Seismic Yaylyu village — one of the of a network of seismic stations in the Altai-Sayan Branch of Geophysical Service, Russian Academy of Sciences, working in continuous mode, "- she brought words of the director of the Altai-Sayan Branch of Geophysical Survey SB RAS Alexander Jeduthun.

Increased attention to the seismic situation in the south of Siberia due to have taken place in Tuva for several months two strong earthquakes. The first — a magnitude 6.7 with intensity of 9.8 occurred December 27, 2011 in the Kaa-Khem district of the republic, 100 kilometers east of Kyzyl at a depth of ten kilometers. Approximately in the same epicenter second earthquake of magnitude 7.6, which occurred on 26 February 2012. Toll of both earthquakes was not.

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