New forecasts of U.S. intelligence: the inevitable collapse of Turkey and troubles in Russia

New forecasts of U.S. intelligence: the inevitable collapse of Turkey and troubles in Russia

From time to time just amazes Rod Western «partners» to the prediction of various kinds. With information comes punctually that had naprognozirovat those or other experts on various occasions. Surely, such people as Wang and Nostradamus now would be the envy of productivity and creativity, for example, U.S. forecasters predict finished everything from the ability to increase milk yields Asian female yaks to the periodicity of «doomsday» for the coming 20-30 years.

Another prediction was noted an organization like the Council of State of the United States Intelligence (DNI), who has allowed himself to tell us about how the world will look in 2030. Such work in the United States is held once every four years and is focused on the fact that the authorities of this country would be ready for new challenges. Not bad, that the lion’s share of DNI predictions does not come true, but forecasts, at least in the U.S., many ordinary citizens are still taken seriously. Yes there citizens — authorities also fully thoroughly ministered to Divination, coming as much from the 16 intelligence agencies very different jurisdiction. All of this information by people, especially «initiates» into the intricacies of the future, painstaking manner analyzed, reinterpreted, and based on it gives a damn how the planet is going to live 18 years.

It would seem that the very role of intelligence should not be long estimations on «what will be, and the heart to calm down,» but even in the U.S. intelligence agencies of activities make the show. Apparently, the primacy of making money in this country is vseobyatnoy and can not be questioned. Shaw was born almost from scratch and lures for himself to millions of people. Directors of these shows are doing everything to create their own trends, allowing to solve puzzles certain persons. And we must admit, often fall apart in the network. Well, not only we …
Allow yourself to see some items forecast from DNI, which, like all scenarios overseas agencies, one way or another connected with the endless ratings, scales, graduations, predictions and prophecies, which promises a lot of exciting and certainly terrible. Anyone, of course, waiting for manna from heaven (if the weather did specialists from the U.S., try to guess to whom, according to the forecast, it will be sent down manna), and virtually anyone expect hellfire. In principle, the outlook undertaken DNI work hard to call, because she is more like a neuro-linguistic programming, when using certain words and actions of people are trying to impress, how to live on.

So, almost a day or once in the United States was born prognostic document, which bears the title «Global Trends 2030: other worlds.» Speaker was such a man as Christopher Koji, who is the head of the State Intelligence Council USA.

Report Kodzhema sovereign, we must admit was serious. Already 140 pages of fine print. Of course! As many as 16 labor service in its preparation! And so he bowed almost all the nuances of the existence of human civilization until 2030.
One of the main theses of the report was comforting ordinary South American citizen, and together with it the report of all customers of the number of U.S. authorities. Sedation was the fact that for all «dirty insinuations» by detractors the most democratic country in the world and the United States in 18 years will retain world leadership. With all of this with the «outlook» as a bad fit in the fact that by 2030 China will become the leading economy in the world — this was stated by the koji. It turns out that the DNI they say something like this: Chinese beat us, but we still remain the favorites on the planet … These rants remind eminent Russian anecdote about how to run a competing between Brezhnev and Reagan. AFC president won a race at the Russian general secretary, but in the USSR newspapers wrote that the finish Leonid Brezhnev came second, and Reagan — the penultimate … It feels like projections on the South American leadership and the company Christophe koji were specifically after reading this ridiculous story.

In general, «their» Kojo calmed, and hence one of the main objectives of the report has already been achieved … Next Rapporteur transported to other geopolitical areas, one of which was, of course, and our homeland. So far without her American reports.

It turned out that Mr. Kojo based on some mind-blowing statistics contrived ways to calculate the population of Russian Federation by 2030 from today’s 143 million people fall to 127 million 910 thousand people. The astonishing accuracy … Just oh so this prediction fits with the data not only Russian, and many European, Asian, and American Well, incidentally, also statistical agencies, fixing nedavneshnego time with the increase of Russian population is not completely clear. I would like to look at the formula, according to which our homeland for 18 years, will lose more than 15 million people. But Rapporteur of DNI did not exert himself or us «unnecessary data.»

Even against the sovereign Russian Kojo and his colleagues «predicted» dependence on energy exports in 2030. In one of the theses of the report will note that the main flow of funds to the Russian treasury in the next few years will be primarily related to the sale of oil and gas over the limit.

Well, unless it is the prognosis? Yes, in our country that prophecy can make at least some schoolboy. All without Mr. Kodzhema understand that the diversification of the economy, things Russian, to put it mildly, not the best way. Affects only that forecasters behold the DNI for Russia in this huge setback, but the same dependence on crude oil by some Gulf countries obviously do not associate with economic disaster for both of these states themselves, and for their inhabitants. Why do you say? ..

Rapporteur care and the growing number of Russians who practice Islam. But the growing number of Islamic design, for example, in England, the USA or the Scandinavian countries, fear does not cause weird way. Apparently, Russian Muslims, on opinion, gentlemen, who prepared the report, «ferocious and terrifying» Islamists who settled in the West … More ferocious and terrifying …
At the end of the section on the future of Russia Rapporteur states that our country with you, there are three ways of future development: either we enter the path of real and will fully comply with U.S. standards, or turn into a pariah state, or remain unreliable — «bad guys» ( Well, as for the moment).

In general, such a prediction can be called completely standard and even optimistic, because if it is associated with the prediction of the 1st South American notorious policy of past years, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the forecast of the last Russian in the current (2012) year awaits the inevitable collapse …

But the collapse of entire countries projections DNI decided all the same to seize the baton from forecaster Brzezinski. Only this time was not predicted the destruction of the Russian Federation and Turkey. Rapporteur stated that Turkey recently may begin irreversible processes in connection with a plan to organize the Kurdish government is independent. Zeal for the independence of the Kurdish people by the views of DNI, Turkey will be exacerbated by a steady fall in fertility, neuvvyazkami with fresh water, as being in power Islamist forces. «Split» Turkey will lead to the latest geopolitical storm in the Middle East — believe specialists from DNI.

Given that splits large countries in the world today can not do without the U.S. role, it turns out that the report of the sovereign Kodzhema more like a guide to action for the U.S. authorities. It turns out that a «bloody dictator» after Gaddafi, Assad and Ahmadinejad West fully Erdogan may call (or at least some of its other mate). And if so, what really drawn completely overthrow the Syrian perspective favorite Turkish hands, and then entering the Turkish authorities to blacklist because they «knew too much.» And after such decay Turkey — the best option for the organizers and sponsors of mass chaos on the planet.

In general, to live as one reads the notorious creator, will be bad, but not long. And after all, not counting the U.S. expects something out of the ordinary. In the United States, according to the thesis of the report, there will be «shale revolution» and the country in 2030 forever to get rid of the external supply energoelementov. Americans are the happiest people on the planet …

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