New naval radar «Sharp Eye» successfully tested during the demonstration program perspective unobtrusive USS «Stiletto»

New naval radar
WASHINGTON, June 25. (ARMS-TASS). Brand new ship radar company «Kelvin Hughes» (Kelvin Hughes) successfully tested during the demonstration applets promising unobtrusive USS «Stiletto» (Stiletto). Navy ship is continuing to evaluate demonstrator with low telltale signs «Stiletto», which not so long ago participated in the demo tests Combat Command Expeditionary Force U.S. Navy NECC (Navy Expeditionary Combat Command) in Virginia. In these tests of a ship used solid-state radar «Sharp Eye» (SharpEye), developed by «Kelvin Hughes.»

As the military experts, demonstrating the ability of the new ship «Stiletto» allows industry to receive valuable information on the results of tests of new technologies in real operation criteria and introduction of equipment offered by the Ministry of Defence. Basic development of modern radar was selected for demonstration at the board «Stiletto» and has allowed the personnel of the ship to try it in real combat implementation criteria in coastal waters.

Radar «Sharp Eye» operates at X-band and a rotary device located in the retractable mast on the ship. This allows you to properly allocate internal ship and make the place better signal properties. During the tests demonstrated the ability to detect small targets in the criteria for a strong rain and rough seas due to the latest patented technology alternately pulsed radiation and processing the Doppler signals.

According to representatives of the developer, the radar «Sharp Eye» provides operators with a best situational awareness compared with the modern search and navigation radar. Improved tracking device allowed to conduct discovery in continuous and high-speed accompany surface targets that were used during the tests.

The length of the pilot ship «Stiletto» is 26.8 m, weight — 60 tons The ship is designed to provide landing and action combat units in the coastal marine area, the start of UAVs to detect and combat the mines. This is the first and largest of ships built in the USA, of which well casing is made of carbon composite materials and has a low visibility. Ease body and M-shaped bottoms allow the ship to move with high speed (up to 90 km / h) in the criteria for shallow fairway without actually leaving the wake.

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