New people — who are they?

September 19, 2012 9:25

Nancy Ann Teppo — American clairvoyant, able to recognize the human aura. In the late 70's, she has conducted research at the State University in San Diego, working with the aura of children. The results of these studies not only stunned Nancy, and all the world's psychologists — some children had seen an unusual aura of dark blue, indigo, while most of the children golden aura. When scientists began to study the characteristics of these children, we found a lot of other distinctive features. First, their immune system is much stronger than that of ordinary people, and this is due to changes in DNA, and secondly, these children are psychologically much stronger than us, they have a pronounced leadership abilities, they are always clearly know what they want and do not obey any rules. Some scientists are convinced that indigo children — are representatives of a new race, who came into the world to save it.

According to the researchers, the first indigo children began to appear in the 70's, and 90% of children born after 1994 are the Indigo Children. It turns out that the oldest of these children today are adults, and they clearly stand out among the general masses.

You, of course, say that the whole thing in scientific technology and computer technology, which in the 80's began to develop rapidly. But all this confusion of cause and effect, which is deliberately kept well informed on horseback. It's simple — to increase the energy level of information is available, it is easier to get to. So that scientific progress — is a consequence, not a cause.

So, who are they — these new people? I must say — all kinds of phenomenal abilities — not a distinctive feature of the new ones. The ability to more precisely it is definitely there, but nowadays they are only potential, and this can not be a criterion for distinction.

Why is that? Because New hit the system does not match their energy level. The greater the difference between their level and the system level, the more difficult they adapt to it and show their potential. Must also understand that parents and most of the environment of the first new — other evolutionary generation, with a different level of energy, other values and objectives. And if you take into account all the artificiality of what is happening in our society, the strangeness of the environment becomes a big problem for the new. Many of them simply can not stand.
I must say — most of the grown-New does not know and does not understand what the difference from the same parents, although the fact in front of them — they see and feel a huge gap between them. At the time of entry into adult life, new can honestly tell myself — my parents are my life and the authorities do not suit my mentors. And it's not respect, or conflicts (just as adults, New prefer a good relationship with their parents), but again — the difference between their energy values and the scale of the problem.
Next — New supply of vital energy is much greater. precisely because New look much younger than their peers and their parents in the same vozraste.Bolshe because as the challenge of translating more. New not really aspire to marriage. And also do not want to have children. not a cycle on material wealth. It is therefore easy to reach.

And more. New one may be sure of something, not having the "objective" evidence and authoritative representations abroad. Some New know, and some suspect that no objectivity does not exist. There are only subjective, collective subjective and subjective higher order. Point.

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