NEW «Sidewinder» is capable of engaging surface targets

New SD close combat air AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder, unlike previous versions missiles capable of striking targets on the ground, writes June 9. Air Force and the U.S. Navy, Saudi Arabia also contributed a total difficulties 19,600,000 dollars for the design and engineering analysis capabilities of the rocket.
This is the perfect South American air combat missile capable of transmitting information about the purpose, armed with engine thrust vector control and advanced infrared homing.
These innovations can make a new «Sidewinder» missiles competitive against similar class MBDA (England) AIM-132 ASRAAM, RAFAEL Python 5 (Israel), IRIS-T (group razrabotchitsy countries led by Germany) and the Russian R-73 (AA -11 Archer). Until then, only nedavneshnih South American fighters could use the AIM-9X, but it did not stop the enthusiasm from potential overseas customers.
Modernization of missiles has significantly increased its price, because it has become one hundred percent digital, asks that labor-intensive integration on combat aircraft. Currently, a series of missiles AIM-9X can use fighter F-16C / D Viper, F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, F-15C / D Eagle, a certain number of F-15 Strike Eagle (other South American warplanes limited use of AIM -9M), and F-15SG (Singapore), F-15K (Republic of Korea), in the near future missile will be integrated on the F-15SA Strike Eagle (Saudi Arabia).
Equipping fighter F-22A Raptor SD AIM-9X Block II will be after the introduction of the unit software 3.2B (2017). The rocket is tested on the F-35 Lightning II, but its equipment with new missiles also will claim a couple of years. UAE Air Force plans to equip their fighters F-16E / F Block 60 Desert Falcon.
Foreign purchases will help lower the cost of the rocket, which at the present time is 665 thousand dollars per unit. New «Sidewinder» plans to adopt a Malaysian Air Force (F/A-18C/D), Morocco (F-16C / D), Saudi Arabia (F-15) and Singapore (for the F-16). Pending approval of procurement are Kuwait (F/A-18C/D), The Netherlands (F-16MLU), Oman (F-16C / D), the Republic of Korea (for F-15SE or F-35A) and the UAE (F-16E / F).
photo — Launch SD AIM-9X from the board based fighter F/A-18C

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