Nicholas Ladutko: the population of 12-14 billion dollars

"The currency in the country is enough — Minsk city executive committee chairman, told reporters Nicholas Ladutko May 1 at the festive rally Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus in Minsk. — Today already, and" dependent ", and independent economists have said that the Belarusian population formed by the accumulation of 12-14 billion dollars" .

The head of the city government said that on Friday, Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich was on a visit to Salihorsk (Minsk region), on the tab of the new plant fertilizer. "Belarusian Potash Company steadily works in partnership with Russian companies — said Ladutko. — And hundreds of thousands of tons per month are shipped to consumers — they pay the currency that enters the National Bank. But we're talking about something else today for the currency we buy oil, gas, medicines. Which of Minsk today at home had no hot water, there was a power failure, the battery remained cold in the winter? four-day weekend — people went out of town. bought 12 tons of barbecue — meat do not become more expensive as, say, imported chocolates, 60 %, right?

Traffic Police Chief Police reported that on May 3 will be lifted by two helicopters and follow as in Minsk come from all directions motorists. Because if you do not regulate the movement of the sky, they just do not zaedut. So it's, say — what a currency crisis? "

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