No Exchange — no work

Belarus already and officials acknowledge that due to the difficult economic situation, only recent 600,000 workers across the country temporarily suspended operations. April 28 it was announced Vladimir Zinovsky-chairman of the National Statistics Committee.

Who and what gets now unemployed? Details of the situation figured out regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Vitebsk Region

The next month — full of suspense

On misunderstandings with exchange rates first to react Vitebsk firm that set new windows. This was told by an employee of one of these companies, Mr. Anatoly, who is now on compulsory leave:

"Some companies have stopped at the windows of their work. Forced to rest, so to speak. Imported nothing to buy — that was from Germany, Turkey, Austria … had to raise prices. Short, for everything bought for the currency, there is nothing to pay . "

Mr. Anatoly says that given the increased cost of imported parts cost per box on average increased by 80%. And customers have ceased to apply. The only way — is to buy windows manufactured in Belarus, Mogilev company that produces "Manblan." But they are lower quality, and people do not dream of a thorough overhaul in the apartments, as should buy more necessities — food and clothes.

However, in Vitebsk shopping centers is also not crowded. Businessmen can not buy, it only contributed to the onset of warm weather.

So the entrepreneur Irina Jaskiewicz, who works at the mall, "EVIC":

"Without these opportunities to acquire currency — hard! Spring is coming, and all dress up in spring and summer clothes. So little saves the day that entrepreneurs have purchased this product in the last year. But I think another week until everything acquire Seasonal clothes, we can hold out. And then many, for sure, will be closed. "

Already, in the malls have closed shutters — the owners have little or no work.

"Day after day, more candidates for the unemployed"

Some Vitebsk entrepreneurs usually go for the item abroad, others take the imported products already on the Belarusian distribution centers. These other to unemployment pushes that bases themselves are stopped by the inability to purchase a "currency" product continues to Irina Yaskevich:

"I know that some of the base went on leave without pay, because the new prices were expensive imported goods and unclaimed. Example, see advertised shampoo, pampersy. Even such large trading firms as" Vesta "and" omega "just waive certain range of goods. A base — they refuse to work at a loss. "

Therefore, candidates for the unemployed as a result of the currency crisis in the Vitebsk region with each passing day more and more.


Unemployment younger

In Brest, in some markets are only 5-10% of the entrepreneurs. The rest think that trade makes no sense because of the low purchasing power of the citizens. Unemployed in the morning to stand in line outside the employment center, hoping to get some temporary work.

Near the center of employment in Brest before there was a queue of unemployed people willing to take any job. In recent days it has grown several times. Brest businessman Vladimir Katrych said this morning here counted about 100 people:

In line at the employment center — under 100 people

"Ordinary people are, today I counted 94 people. Machine arrives, and the owner is offering people a job. Indeed, they are ready for any: carry bricks, pick up trash, even dig gardens. Just a huge queue. Previously, it was half the size. Now just awful. All sidewalks, the so-called "hundred meters" near the center, busy wanting to earn some money. lot of young people aged 18-20 years. "

At the market near the central department store owners do not see any point in further work. Although it is an opportunity to buy dollars and Russian rubles at currency speculators, but do not know how to calculate the price, says the businesswoman Elena. In fact, traders are unemployed:

"The work in the current environment does not make sense"

"Everyone is shocked by this situation. No stated dollar just do not know what price to put on the goods. We are working at a loss. We bear losses. When you can not buy a currency, it is without a sense of what we do. We basically leave item in Russia . We need Russian rubles. But in the "comrades" currency speculators rate just above the clouds. "

Businessmen say that on May 1, traders will be much less. Many will go on forced leave. But on the Warsaw market in Brest already on weekdays traders have practically ceased to operate. According to the businessman Victor Tchaikovsky, who himself is trading in this market, work in the current environment just makes no sense:

"At the Warsaw market of about 700 roller blind, but open only 50 at the most. This is 5-10%. There is no buying activity among city dwellers. Entrepreneurs are suffering huge losses."

Grodno region

People stop ordering furniture

Small firms to manufacture furniture for the custom orders have felt like the last month decreased demand for their products. Some have to suspend and send teams to leave.

Currency crisis, according to the director of the furniture company in Grodno Helena, primarily influenced by price — as components, partially purchased abroad and in the sale of finished products, which led to a significant appreciation of her.

"We have dismissed workers to leave neaplochvanyya"

Woman: "We have a situation right now is not very good, we have dismissed workers in neaplochvany holiday and is not working. And it's not just because we can not buy hardware, but because there is no order, people do not come at all and furniture now in demand. Here's week waiting scattered leaflets on new homes, and people do not come. "

Mrs. Elena says that the population declined sharply income and now people keep money on more necessary things, and the furniture is not enough.

She also says that firms looking for a way to somehow survive in this situation is to keep the team and therefore should engage in other activities.

Woman: "We think to do now, perhaps, transport services or anything else, because otherwise clearly have to close the company. The loan agreement exists, it is necessary to borrow money to pay the taxes for the director, the driver, because they are paid wages. "

"Orders come to an end, and the next month — full of suspense"

At another firm, which also makes furniture for individual orders, the situation is a little better — as long as everyone is working. But the owner said that due to the currency crisis then sharply felt the lack of funds and problems with implementation.

Man: "Sales were fewer people are afraid to order. While that is all, not felt, but in the next month, in my opinion, the production will be reduced even more. We work with the old order, but they have run out, and the next month — full of suspense. "

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