Ogopogo managed to shoot a video camera?

November 26, 2011 19:50

Okanagan — one of the largest lakes in Canada. It is, in fact, the residue of an ancient glacial lake, retreated about 10 millennia ago. But know this body of water, not only because it is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the province of British Columbia.
In Okagane believe the local Indians, lives Ogopogo — "relative" Loch Ness monster.

 What is the monster Ogopopo — no one really knows. They say that it resembles a hefty log greenish-brown color.
According to one legend, once upon a time unknown hobo killed Elder Indian tribe that lived in those days on the banks of Okanagan.
The gods severely punish the murderers, turning it into a water monster.
The legend is a legend, but it seems that in the lake actually lives unusual creature.
Not long ago, one of the Canadians succeeded, as he suggests Ogopopo shoot on video. Completely deserted area of the reservoir and then … the ripples on the water, two big bands. This can be seen by looking at the 30-second spot, shot by Richard Hulse.
The man said he accidentally captured it all on camera during a visit to a local winery, which is located near the lake.
"It was not a wave, definitely — Richard said — and darker in color …".
Story telling about it, shown on local TV and movie Richard posted on the Internet on YouTube.

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