Ohio authorities attributed the earthquake to the methods of gas

Ohio authorities attributed the earthquake to the methods of gas

U.S. authorities linked the Ohio series of earthquakes that have occurred in recent years in the state, with gas production, which is in the area is produced by hydraulic fracturing, according to a local television station WJW TV 8 on Sunday.

In the state of this year there were 11 earthquakes. The most powerful of them magnitude 4 were recorded on Saturday near the city of Youngstown. Hearth tremors occur at a depth of 5 kilometers. In the Youngstown area are several gas wells.

Hydraulic fracturing — is the creation of cracks in the rocks surrounding the borehole due to the pressure on the bottom of the well by pumping in rock viscous fluid.

As the head of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Zerindzher Jim (Jim Zehringer), could be the cause of earthquakes recycling solution from the wells.

"Earthquakes are not a direct result of hydraulic fracturing. We believe that the (seismic) activity … comes from the injection of a solution in a previously unknown geological fault associated with the well, which began to operate in the last year," — he said.

On Friday, the ODNR announced that from waste disposal companies North Star Disposal Services agreed, on which it will stop in the prevention of pumping waste water into the well.

According Zerindzhera, at the time of further research in the 8-km radius around Youngstown will stop operation of the absorption of four wells.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the independent group D & L Energy, which oversees wells North Star, Ben Lupo (Ben Lupo) doubts that they somehow affect the seismic situation in the region.

"We control about a thousand wells between Ohio and Pennsylvania, and we never had any problems with earthquakes," — said Lupo, who was quoted by broadcaster CNN.

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