On Mars, it was the unexpectedly warm spring.

According to the meteorological station on board the rover REMS Kyuriositi, upcoming Martian spring was unexpectedly warm. This was stated by representatives of the scientific group that works with this device.

Landing Curiosity — Bradbury descent — in the southern hemisphere of the red planet by 4.5 degrees south latitude. Rover has arrived on the planet on August 6, at the beginning of the Martian spring.

— The average temperature was about 6 degrees Celsius in the daytime and minus 70 degrees Celsius at night. About half the day temperature was above zero — said Felipe Gomez of the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid (Spain).

These figures come as a surprise to scientists, because they are much higher than those values that are expected to see planetary scientists. According to them, the average daily temperature may rise significantly with the onset of the Martian summer, pass "RIA Novosti".

— The fact that Mars is a "warm" in the daytime, in itself surprised and interested us. If this warming will continue until the onset of the summer, we will see temperatures of 20 degrees or more, great, if you look at from the point of view of Mars colonization. It is likely that daytime temperatures will keep the water in a liquid state. But while it is difficult to say whether these temperatures the norm or just an anomaly — continued Gomez.

Scientists do not know what happened to one of the sensors meteorographs REMS, but they plan to take pictures using the onboard camera to find out why. Despite the damage to the sensor, the device has successfully collected and transmitted to the ground data for the first 40 days of the Kyuriositi on Mars. According to them, the first scientific observations will be published next week.



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