On the Slavonic Bazaar festival of Belarusians of the World

In the early days of XX International Festival of Arts "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk" planned new cultural project. July 8-9 for the first time will be held "Arts Festival Belarusians of the World."

According to the Ministry of Culture, the festival events will take place not only in Vitebsk, but in Minsk and invited to take part NGOs Belarusians Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Estonia.

The festival — concerts of Belarusian folk and contemporary music, exhibitions of paintings and decorative arts, photography exhibitions, meetings with Belarusian writers and poets abroad.

Also planned rewarding representatives of Belarusian organizations abroad for his contribution to the preservation, development and promotion of the Belarusian language and culture in their countries of residence. In one of the days of the festival will also host the second meeting of the Advisory Council for the Belarusians abroad under the Ministry of Culture, which will discuss the increased participation of the Diaspora in the cultural life of Belarus.

Gala concert of the first "Festival of Arts Belarusians of the World" will be held on July 9.



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