On the territory of Hanford nuclear complex in the United States bred radioactive mouse

October 31, 2011 16:52

On the territory of Hanford nuclear complex (Washington, USA) are trying to catch a radioactive mouse.
The hunt for the rodent began after the discovery of "charged" the products of its life. In the premises of the nuclear complex have placed about 60 mousetraps, but the two rodent, who were taken to them, were healthy. Now the authorities deliberate over how to catch a radioactive animal.
Meanwhile, two weeks ago, was caught in the "radioactive" rabbit. Given that the feces of both animals were found in the same area, it is assumed that both the mouse and rabbit regaled one and the same source of radiation.

Department of State Health reassured residents of nearby communities, said the incident is not a serious threat.
Hanford reactors at the complex from 1944 to 1987. produce plutonium for atomic bombs the United States, including the Fat Man bomb (Fat Man), exploded over Nagasaki. Now the inactivated operation, conducted extensive work with contract cleaning companies that dispose of millions of tons of liquid and solid radioactive waste left over from the process of converting uranium into military plutonium.

On the territory of the nuclear center are 9 reactors, the last of which was stopped in 1987, most of them are buried. In 40 years of working centrifuges complex produced about 57 million tons of plutonium — more than two-thirds of all nuclear fuel produced by the U.S. government.

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