Once a year, a mysterious balls Nag

October 8, 2012 19:07

Once a year, the Thai town of Nong Khai on the Mekong River is a place where there is an amazing phenomenon.

Once a year, a mysterious balls Nag

After the end of the rainy season, the full moon, hundreds of colorful fireballs rise from the surface of the river. This event traditionally becomes the center of a great holiday, which lasts two days and includes various elements of traditional Thai festivals: light and sound show, the ceremony lit boats, King's Cup boat races and traditional Thai cuisine. The causes of the phenomenon are unknown until the end.

It was assumed that the balls are the result of fermentation of portable river mist, which ignites due to certain atmospheric conditions. Locals say that thousands of balloons that rise above the river, creating Nag, who lives in River Nag Phayao. Nagas — snake-like mythical creatures depicted as a serpent with a human torso and a human head, nestled on top of a fan snake heads. They live in caves and water bodies, on land, in water or underground. According to legend, Phayao Nag releases fiery torches, as a homage to the Buddha.

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