Order a dream

November 24, 2011 23:25

Dreams for a man can be a treasure-trove of the answers to the questions. Use your mind in a dream as a search engine or as an individual assistant could almost everyone. To do this, just order the desired dream … Here are some tips scientists a sleep (dreaming study at a scientific level).

1. Tune in remembering dreams
We need to develop the habit of recalling a dream upon awakening. Skill remember dreams well secured with the help of such a notebook and pen to write down immediately after waking up the most vivid images. Remembering dreams promotes competent deep relaxation before going to sleep, and relatively quiet, not rude awakening. It is also necessary to program myself to the fact that when the goal is reached, it is necessary to give a command to wake up. The man in the night sees about four to five dreams, separated time intervals, so to speak nightly intervals. And the answer to the question can, for example, appear in the first dream from the morning to two. And man, when waking up in the morning, often remembers only the last dream. And so he may think that he did not work, and the answer was not received. But it is not, it just does not wake up and then have forgotten the answer.
2. Formulate a "system call"

Ordering yourself a dream, it is important to determine what you want to see — to understand and articulate. This can be a particular issue. For example, during the Christmas holidays are considered prophetic dreams. You can tune in a dream as an expression of the major trends in the events of the next year, and you will get just such a dream-orientation.
If you think a lot about someone and want it to be you had a, you need to think about it before going to bed. If you just want to see the spectacular dream — an adventure story or a journey — you need to formulate your request. Before going to bed to remind myself that request.
The more precisely you formulate your request, and the closer it is to the actual experienced by you here and now, living situation, the more accurately it reflects your immediate needs, the sooner you will see the corresponding dream. Sometimes wished dream dreams at once, this may take time — from several days to several months.
For persuasiveness can write your order on a paper. Or say it aloud at bedtime. After setting goals you can make an internal appeal to him, asking for assistance.
3. Focusing on the query in the "borderline" state between sleeping and waking
Border states play an important role in the intellectual and artistic life. For them the "transparency" of subconscious processes, so many ideas and insights happen just on the verge of waking and sleeping. Some people just go to sleep — only the head touches the pillow.
In order to concentrate on the intermediate state of self-regulation skills are required — such as the ability to relax, to get rid of disturbing thoughts, think positively. In a calm relaxed state, when it starts falling asleep, if you can focus on your request — it will send a dream in specific directions.
Before getting to sleep present in detail the environments that picture, which is connected closely the goal. To imagine, to dream, to give context to his unconscious, the medium in which he would have to be at night.

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