ORMETO-YuUMZ manufactured and shipped two triplex mud pumps for «SGK-Drilling

ORMETO-YuUMZ (Orsk) manufactured and shipped in December 2012. two triplex mud pumps YUNBT-1180Ldlya LLC "SGK-Drilling" Nefteugansk.

Mud Pumps YUNBT-1180Lispolzuetsya for the flushing fluid into the wellbore while drilling wells up to 16000m.

Pumps producing flushing fluid through the drill string to downhole for imparting rotation to the bit turbodrill and cooling, as well as removal of the destroyed rock from the washing liquid. Technical parameters of drilling pump YUNBT-1180L:

· Power 1180 kW;

· Stroke 290 mm;

· Transmission type cylindrical chevron;

· The ideal delivery rate to 51.4 l / s

· Limit the pump pressure up to 35.7 MPa

· Rated frequency of unilateral strokes, strokes / min 125.

A distinguishing feature of these pumps is that as washing liquid water may be used or the presence of mud oil alkaline soda, and other components.

This party of two mud pumps is first shipped to the address of Nefteyugansk businesses in the next scheduled delivery in 2013 of two pumps, a similar model.

In addition to mud pumps ORMETO-YuUMZ produces other types of equipment for the oil and gas industry: mechanisms swing, drawworks, rotors, swivels, hook blocks, crown blocks.

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