ORMETO-YuUMZ shipped in July 4 Slag

ORMETO-YuUMZ shipped four brands Slag 16.5 SP and 16SP to the regular customers — Ural Steel and NLMK. Slag suitable for the transportation of slag from blast furnaces and a granulating basin or in a dump.

 Photo source:ormeto-yumz.ru

On shlakovohah produced by the company, has a powerful sector-planetary drive that allows tilt the hardest — "zakozlennye" — slag bowl. Extending the useful life of the drive is achieved by placing a pair of self-locking on the penultimate stage and improve lubrication engagement. Sector gear drive is cast stainless steel. The original design with a worm gear pair eliminates the rocking motion bowl and provides a high service life between overhauls.

Before shipping equipment has been tested. The test involves rolling slag as with empty bowl at a speed not exceeding 15 km / h, and with a bowl filled with slag at a rate of up to 5 km / h. The temperature of the bearing assemblies shall not exceed the ambient temperature by more than 30 º C.

ORMETO-YuUMZ is a traditional supplier of blast furnace, the nomenclature of which, in addition to slag are also included — skips, skip hoists, wire rope pulleys, valves charge, charging devices; balancers cones winch control cones, portable mixers, stationary; chugunovozy; cars driving iron notch, machines for opening the iron notch; BRZU (bezkonusnoe Rotary boot device); conveyors for loading blast furnaces, etc.

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