Our homeland to stand without Belarus?

Do not resist Russia Belarus?On the Belarusian countryside are our important military-strategic assets.

Commented military commentator Sergei Mikhailov:

— Belarus — this is really the last limit of our strategic defense against the West. As they say analysts of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, if Panzer Division "slow" Estonia will begin the turtle move in the direction of Moscow, we will be able to suspend its only nuclear attack. No RF for ordinary forces able to withstand the movement of armadas "Leopard." Only here a nuclear weapon, we naturally do not apply, and a week later the tanks independent Baltic vpolzut on the pavement of the Red Square …

It may suspend the march only Belarusian army. Impartially on the western borders of the Russian Federation is a powerful "Belarusian fortress", which is as long as it is intact, will not allow even the thought of anger against Moscow. NATO also has severe analysts, they understand it.

In addition, the terrain of Belarus hosted a number of military facilities and technical infrastructure that affect the maintenance of global security in specific strategic interests of Moscow. Among their radar station near Baranovichi — station missile warning. This is — one, and perhaps the most important of the eight similar Russian facilities. Station near Baranovichi set of early warning for the launch of ballistic missiles, namely, from the territory of Germany, France and England. She put on combat duty in 2002, and tracks down the sky over virtually the whole of Western Europe. Similar stations were built with Russian time in Latvia, Ukraine, the Caucasus and near Krasnoyarsk in Russia. But: the station in Latvia undermined station at Lvov and the Caucasus was not completed, and only agreed to give Belarus an opportunity Gallakticheskim Russian troops to finish the station and lease it for their own needs. For mere pennies, is to say.

Another principle our military object on the ground of Belarus — the control point in Vileika submarines. This station is designed to relay signals to the Russian ships and submarines that are in the Central and North Atlantic. Will not her — and the our strategic submarine fleet with the flightless "Bulava" can quietly go to the bottom, there is no danger to anyone, he will not be able to provide.

The military authorities of the Russian Federation and Belarus somehow agree friend other, it seems, contrary to the general band of Moscow on a purely market relations with Minsk. And it's fun, because even the term "market" we are aware of very, very wrong. Let us remember nedavneshnie action. During the June meeting of the NATO-Russia Council explained to Moscow again that the United States will have in Western Europe missile defense system — despite all our protests and diplomatic attempts. We have even agreed on some joint European missile defense system that could — at a theoretical level — to protect Russia from applying the probable missile strike. Only now read as us in Brussels aggressively as a pushy beggar: Alliance with the threshold has torn our request to provide legally binding guarantees not directed against the European missile defense system RF. Moscow has threatened dark modern arms race and optimistically declared that diplomacy will continue to work on missile defense dilemma.

We do not need friends and allies if they are not among the Western countries? We do not want to help them? Nothing. Washington, Tel Aviv considering its main political and military partner in the Middle East, only to fund defense programs in Israel allocates more than 3 billion dollars, and the entire aid package costing 20 billion a year. Strong support is very diplomatically brutal ally is not measured in money. Whatever Israel does, he is always right, believe in the United States — because he is a friend.

Belarus, unlike Israel, has never even think about the attack on the neighbors, it now comes to supporting the country's economy, and not the military expansion of Minsk — but even in this case, we openly encourage "ally" — probably the quotes are necessary — to pay off the debts and to sell their property. The United States has, of course, and other recipients of funds, the territorial security of North America, perhaps from those allies and independent, but they are doing in different parts of the world the game, which sets the rules of Washington.

But the territorial sovereignty of the Russian Federation to a large extent depends on the Belarus. At the moment we are quite flegmantichno behold the crisis of our fellow Slavs. One gets the memory as if we were not concerned about the likely rise to power in Minsk, the pro-Western opposition politicians, who have relied on in Europe and the United States. This we will consider their "new intercessors Brest Fortress" and "hour limits RF"? ..

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