Outfit «Warrior» ready for state tests

Set of promising Russian combat equipment «future soldier» «Warrior» has absolutely ready for the municipal testing. It is planned that the collection should be adopted in the coming year. The journalists on Thursday, October, 17, told the CEO of CRI «Tochmash» Dmitry Semizorov. Preliminary tests set ended in September. To begin the series of state tests need directive from the Defense Ministry. With all this, according to Semizorova tests are planned, element by element. All in «Warrior» comes 50 different parts.

Tests such number of parts can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2-3 months, said Dmitry Semizorov. It is reported that the tests «Warrior» will be held at various Russian sites. Then elements of equipment «future soldier» will be sent to mass production. According, Semizorova, «Warrior» will begin to enter the army in 2014, the first to receive new data sets ground crews. It is expected that next year this will equip gear compounds 5-7, and for 5 years to get it and all the other parts.

With all this war has already started thinking about upgrading a promising set of combat equipment. The process of modernization, according to CEO CRISM «Tochmash» will begin next year. Starting in 2014, will open a large search operation, namely to simulate and identify new ballistic Solutions in defeat. In NRI «Tochmash» rely on the fact that the Defense Ministry decision to accept a significant modernization of existing sets of combat equipment. According Semizorova military at the present time are in the stage of decision making on various proposed options modernization.

Average use of the warranty period set «Warrior» will be 5 years. This set of equipment will be transferred from the 1st fighter to another, until it reaches a cancellation. For example, if the t-shirt will be worn only one soldier, the old form will be designed for two. Most owners will also have winter form longer serve small gun, knives, body armor, helmets. Just set will include about 50 different parts, made anew or upgraded parts of clothing equipment, weapons, personal protection, protection from the damaging causes of WMD, as a non-lethal weapon.

Base equipment «Warrior» is a modern aramid coverall, which is made of fiber «Alyuteks», produced by «Kamenskvolokno.» This jumpsuit is able to withstand a direct hit by fragments mines, grenades or shells, also some time can withstand open flame.

In addition, the set comes with a clay body armor armor plates capable of withstanding bullets SVD or AK-74, also a special multilayer helmet.

All elements of the set «Warrior» can be freely combined among themselves, interchanged. The total weight of a standard set of body armor 5th grade protection and overalls is about 10 kg, the largest — with body armor assault 6th grade protection, helmet, broneschitkami to protect hips and shoulders — about 20 kg. In general, a set of «Warrior» will be able to cover about 90% of the skin of a soldier. His «breathing» structure provides for the possibility of continuous wear of equipment for at least 48 hours. A suit fabric impregnated with a special compound that is perfectly breathable, keeping with all this water. Perceptible is that bronekostyum fighter covers radiation in the infrared and ultraviolet range, making it invisible to the thermal sight. And in case of such necessity, the whole set of equipment, you can simply throw off for a few seconds, in fact in one motion.

Control system equipment set «Warrior» is presented by means of identification, communication, information processing and display, navigation and orientation. On ammunition fighter will be located communicator which will allow to determine its coordinates using satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, which will allow to solve various puzzles just orienteering and targeting. With all this information about the location of a soldier on the battlefield will automatically come on KP.

Life support equipment set was supplemented goggles also protect the set of elbow and knee joints, the headset hearing protection kit autonomous heat sources, personal filter to clean water and a number of other components. In addition, the set includes toolkits and power supply failure.


At the current step weapons system «Warrior» includes the latest version of the AK, Curb sight night vision and thermal grenade launcher targeting system. According to the designers, analogues of this system in the world is not there. Soldier also have at its disposal a special video module that will allow him to lead a fire or shelter because of the angle, without exposing himself and not substituting the bullets.

«Warrior» added a new thermal imager

Russian thermal sight 1RM-139 will allow soldiers to fight in the fog, mist, also build the enemy in smoke. Novelty are going to use in the kit «Warrior.» Electronics device allows you to find the enemy at a distance of up to 1200 meters. Heat, which emits at least some body will focus lens with a special matrix upon which it receives and converts the input signal into a picture. According to the company developer sight «CRI» Cyclone «, this scope is able to» see «the temperature difference even 0.1 degrees. Sight will work in sync with a special eye cup, which is mounted on a helmet and a soldier on the picture which is broadcast from sight.

It is reported that every sight, created «Cyclone», runs a series of tests — in special boxes at temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees, and drop tests and vibration, it is able to withstand the overload 350g. Currently, the device is already over a cycle of industrial tests. State tests of a new thermal sight is scheduled for November 2013, after their closure will be decided to launch the device in the creation and delivery of sights to the troops.

It should be noted that the device is not of a cheap. Price 1st thermal sight is 900 thousand rubles. The journalists said Adviser to the Director of the Central Research Institute «Cyclone» Oleg Yakovlev. According spices, so the highest price of the currently unsubstantiated small volume orders from the Defense Ministry, as part of its introduction of expensive thermal matrices French production (office Ulisse). Namely, after the procedure of clearance value of one matrix is ​​about 8 thousand dollars. With all the price set in the French thermal imaging system equipped fighter coming FELIN is about 50 thousand euros (about 2.2 million).

The implication is that their own thermal imaging matrix Russian production for a set of «Warrior» will be ready in 2015. According to Oleg Yakovlev, its cost will be about 100 thousand rubles. The structure of a thermal imaging system set «Warrior», except for the sight, comes as the helmet-mounted display. Sight can be installed on at least some small cannon, including machine guns, machine guns and sniper rifles. In addition, the composition of the thermal imaging system also includes special binoculars and targeting intelligence.

A new set of military equipment «Warrior» should go into service in 2014 after the state tests, previously scheduled to take on a set of weapons before the end of 2013. But, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the delay in the adoption of which is connected with the necessity of «tuning» of small arms included in the kit. Russian defense order for the next year already foreseen the acquisition of several 10’s of thousands of sets of equipment, «Warrior.» Kits should be enter service Airborne, Navy Marine Corps, Army units. Newest first gear «future soldier» will receive some of the Western Military Area. It is a transition to the latest equipment will be carried out within 5 years.

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