Over California marked a strange glow of the sky

Over the state of California marked a strange glow of the sky and flashes a few hours after the explosion of a meteorite over the Urals

A few hours after the last Friday morning in the sky meteor streaked over the Urals, witnesses reported a strange glow of the sky over the state of California in the western United States. This was reported today the British radio station BBC BBC.

"People have seen over the Bay of San Francisco fire outbreaks, — the Bi-bi-si. — The authorities have already registered about three dozen of relevant evidence. "

It is not yet clear whether they are fragments of the celestial bodies that spilled meteor shower over the Chelyabinsk region or not.

Astrophysicists report that every year in the Earth's atmosphere is fixed between 5 and 10 occurrences of medium-sized meteorites.

However, large, similar to that exploded over the Urals, are rare. However, according to expert estimates, the year of the Earth's atmosphere consists of numerous fragments of asteroids with a total weight of 15 tons.

LONDON, February 17. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Makarchev /.

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