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February 6, 2013 0:46

According to the theory paleocontacts in the distant past the Earth representatives have visited other planets — a powerful and highly developed, and it is due to the fact that they shared their knowledge with the ancient earthlings, our civilization has progressed. Moreover, it is possible that alien beings are the creators of the Earth's race, the evidence so that you can find in a veiled form in the main sacred texts.

The ancestor of this theory in its modern form is V.Tsiolkovsky Soviet scientist who first came up with the hypothesis of possible extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet. In the middle of the last century, popularizing his hypothesis made M.Agrest mathematician, who wrote "Footprints lead to space," in which the form interpreted as evidence of alien visits were presented to the ancient myths.

Paleocontacts theory was later developed by Swiss amateur archaeologist Erich von Denikenom. Being unsuccessful entrepreneur, he found his vocation in archeology, causing great public interest because of its first book, "Memories of the Future", and later removing the film with the same title.

Paleocontacts follower theory was also Zechariah Sitchin, who, being a scientist specialized in the study of ancient languages, archeology and history of the Middle East. In his books, "The Twelfth Planet" and "Cradle of Civilization", he argues that the inhabitants of ancient Assyria and Babylon, close contact with the residents of the Twelfth Planet, which was called Nibiru. Moreover, the Egyptian pyramids, according to him, is a beacon and launch pads for the landing and take-off of space ships and alien aliens ancient people believed the gods, who created the human civilization.

It should be noted that the Egyptian priests long before the rise of modern science were convinced that the cosmic worlds populated by some creatures, and between them and the ancient earthlings contact occurs. Similar ideas of Egyptian priests were inherited by Greek thinkers. Thus, one of the philosophers, Anaximander, was the author of the doctrine that constantly arise in space and killing the worlds in which they live alien beings. His successor Anaxagoras belongs panspermia hypothesis, according to which the embryos were transferred in space life. Epicurus also held many worlds hypothesis. Even Isaac Newton once wrote that it is possible the existence of living beings in the cosmos, and the fact that these creatures may well travel long distances in order to communicate with their own kind.

Thus, analyzing the logical construction of scientists minds paleovizitov problems arose from the belief that the universe is inhabited not only alive, but also intelligent beings.

When it was the age of discovery, and the world began to be seen not as the center of the universe, and just like a ball, mankind has come to the conclusion that the world which surrounds it, in fact, infinite. Then there were the fantastic stories about flying to the moon. In such circumstances, scientists began to think about the fact that if humans are going into space, why space residents can not apply a similar visit to Earth? About so and was formed theory paleovizita. But keep in mind that, in the course of these visits, the aliens could enter into definite relations with humans, giving them the knowledge. In that case, you should speak alone paleocontacts.

So, for example, in the South American jungle is a small Indian tribe, which is called kayyapo. In 1952, in those places visited by British scientific expedition, which noted the existence of a strange religious cult. The ancient Indian stories contain data and certain powerful entities, which appeared in the tribe. Aborigines call it Bel Kororoti. He was dressed in clothes that cover the entire body of his, but in the hands holding a "weapon of thunder." His appearance caused a panic, most natives hid, and only the bravest decided to attack the intruder. But their attack did not cause any damage to Belo, because all the arms in contact with the "messenger of heaven" just fell apart. The stranger remained in the tribe, he taught the natives take to heal the wounds, learn to hunt and changed the lives of the tribe. Then he married a girl from a family, he had children, who were much smarter than the rest. But one day a stranger decided to go back to heaven. He climbed a high mountain, where it went down big cloud, lightning flashed and thunder sounded. Bel disappeared, but the Indians have not forgotten it. Until now, they have a feast in honor of Bela Kororoti. Natives weave ritual garment of palm leaves, and in the hands holding palm sticks. According to witnesses, these costumes are very similar to modern space suits.

There are similar legends in other Indian tribes. So, for example, the Brazilian Indian tribe tupanimba The legend of the god Mo-Nana, who created man and the universe. Legend has it that God lived among men, but soon people stopped to read. Angry, Mo-nan went to heaven, deciding to punish people for their sins, and from there sent fire from heaven. All people, but one died. Irina-Mare was pardoned by God for worship. Soon, the man married one of the daughters of Mo-nana and continued human race.

No less interesting legends about the origin of mankind survived in the small South American tribe living on the banks of a tributary of the Amazon — River Hingham. Their legends tell that in the past people lived in a distant star. Somehow they all gathered in council to select a new habitat. One man told of the beautiful planet on which he once visited. And all the men began to weave star big thread going on which to descend to Earth. Soon, most of the "Indians" had moved, but always kept in touch with their families through the thread. But the evil demon cut it, and the Indians never could see their star brothers.

In addition to the legends and traditions, there is a large amount of material evidence that in ancient times the planet visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that have reached a higher level of development. A significant number of artifacts from around the world show images of strange creatures, which in the modern world is usually called humanoids.

So, for example, in the Altai were found many artifacts that are quite well preserved thanks to a constant temperature in deep graves, where they were stored. In Siberia, have been found a memo that relate to the year 700 BC They depict a very strange creature, for example, the gold crests can view the images stretched noseless people with big eyes. In Costa Rica, it was discovered many battle-axes, jewelry, as well as stone chisels, on which are carved the face of creatures resembling birds. On the heads of these creatures was shown something like a helmet with flat bumps that covered his ears, and a crest. Noses creatures resembled beaks.

China has kept a large number of jade figurines that date back to 2000 BC They depict people with long teeth like fangs. Hair depicted as locks and curls. Most of these figures have been found in the provinces of Guangzhou and Shanxi. Scientists do not know exactly what function was performed by these figures, and who is in them. However, there is a hypothesis that is — an extinct human race, which had previously inhabited the Chinese territory.

In Japan, were found clay figures called mastiff. They are about 6000 years old. Figures depict creatures with bulging eyes and a tube-like tube scuba mouth, and the odd plate on his chest. Hands figures too powerful. These figures are very much like people in suits. Scientists suggest that the mastiff were certain props for shamans. Alien aliens have taught the shamans and bear man on clay figure, and then break it, thus saving from suffering.

In Syria, during excavations near the city of Al-Hasakah, archaeologists found stone idols with several pairs of eyes. These figures relate to 3500 BC On some idols were carved figures of smaller size, which, according to scientists, represented the child in the womb. Some archaeologists hypothesize that the idols are images humanoid alien race.

In addition to the archaeological finds and legends, there is other evidence that aliens are visiting our planet. Notable in this regard is the fact that some of the backward tribes have unique knowledge, which can be explained with the alien. So, for example, the ancient Mayan tribe has considerable astronomical data and even created a very accurate calendar. They built huge stone structures, without having to do any special tools. So too are the Dogon tribe, who live in Mali. They know very well astronomy, Sirius and worshiped even know that in the vicinity of the star there is another, invisible. And it's true, Sirius — is a double star, a couple of which is a white dwarf. But the question of where it is known undeveloped tribe, which even the telescope has never seen? Tradition tells of a tribe that, in ancient times they visited residents stars, which were covered with scales and looked like amphibians.

In addition, there is a real proof that aliens have visited Earth and quite long in her. So, for example, in China in 1937-1938, an expedition was organized to massif Bayan-Kara-Ula. Scientists have examined a large number of caves, and some of them were rows of graves. In the tombs, archaeologists found skeletons, which reached only 1.3 meters. Also, they were very disproportionately stacked — they had a very large skull with weak joints and thin bones. But these people were like little creatures. But much like the description of extraterrestrial aliens who gave those people who abducted.

Scientists also have found that the discovered skeletons belong to an extinct form of monkeys, although this hypothesis has caused a storm of criticism and ridicule over the "very clever monkeys," whose level of development reached the point that they were buried in the graves of their kind, which were located in the strict order.

Besides the strange skeletons were found in graves and very interesting pictures, which were showing figures in helmets and above them — schematics of the Moon and the Sun. Turning to the local legend, it is possible to find an answer to the question of the origin of these creatures. According to them, these creatures — is stunted yellow drops that fell from the sky.

However, the greatest interest in this whole cause of more than seven hundred stone disks found in the graves. They were scratched icons that are found nowhere else in the world. For a long time they could not decipher one. It was only in 1962, the Chinese linguists were able to read some excerpts. They said that in the graves of buried members of the crew of the ship, which was on the Earth 12,000 years ago. The ship was damaged but repair it was not possible due to lack of parts. Therefore, newcomers had to stay on the planet, but to adapt to the Earth's climate, they could not …

You can even talk much about the amazing facts of ancient history, proving the possibility paleocontacts. In the legends, as a rule, it is a fact that aliens visited Earth exactly, but there is no hint as to why they did it. Meanwhile, there is a hypothesis that extraterrestrial beings have visited the planet to extract genetic material. In addition, there is also a hypothesis about what the aliens have taught humans to revive the dead, or zombies. This term appeared in about 500 BC in the Central African Democratic Republic of Congo. In the African voodoo zombies — is a corpse that was resurrected by the will of the sorcerer, and who is under the full control of it. In addition to Africa, the legend of living dead existed in other cultures. So, for example, the Chinese legend with 300 or BC talk about some creatures called Jiang Shi (which translated means "stiff corpse"). Their body is covered with patches of rigor, they have long nails, good vision and sense of smell, but they almost did not think. Such a creature exists in Norse mythology, but there it is called Draurg.

Should also be noted that, according to scientists, aliens, very interested in human blood, which contains the life force.

The blood of the Indians was of particular importance, because it was a symbol of the vital functions, and sparks of life. The blood contained the essence of human existence, which after death into the world of the dead. Blood is a link between the two worlds, and most ancient cultures had certain rituals associated with bloodletting. In addition, many cultures have creatures that look just like vampires. In the culture of voodoo — is vital and evil spirits goddess Kali, who was the goddess of death and destruction, and depicted with blue skin and a long tongue. American Cherokee Indians worshiped the goddess Utlunte, demon, who took a female face and drank human blood and tearing the liver.

In this case, vampires largely different from the zombies, because it was assumed that the vampires — is dead, which is the soul. Ancient people were convinced that vampires are those who during his life made a very terrible sins.

In any case, scientists still can not prove whether the bloodletting could help ordinary people to get closer to the gods, ancient people or specially created myths and legends of vampires and zombies, so as to inform future generations about their contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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