Parallel Omni-Earth — Kingdom of Fairies, Elementals, Dragons and Unicorns

July 22, 2012 8:50

Lands of other measurements.  Image:

Lands of other measurements. Image:


We have talked many channeling the amazing quality of life on Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love in the world, you get the benefit, to develop, thanks to the greatness and wisdom of Gaia. Earth, Omni-Earth develops an amazing way to expand, called Ascension. This is — an amazing time, and 2012 will mark the amazing changes your perception of reality and the opportunities around you that used to take it harder. You will not admire the splendor of your planet until you get a feeling for its beauty. You will be amazed brilliance contained in the ground, and you'll marvel at the vast libraries of knowledge within the multifaceted, multidimensional Being of Gaia. On Earth, there are also anti-matter … and Parallel Omni-Earth teeming with life.

Crystal-magnetic plasma in Matter and Antimatter

We tell you that on your Earth, the magnetic field lines come out of the North Pole, bent down, and come to the South Pole through your ovoidnuyu magnetosphere. Inside the Earth, however, the field lines are moved up from the South Pole, connecting to the North. These power lines are charged ion plasma. Both of these power flow are both in the form of matter and antimatter. Similarly, going on a parallel Earth antimaterialnoy that actually determines its composition. Antimatter plasma contains many charged particles, including what can be called the anti-electron and antiprotons.

Inside the antimatter is Bioplasm that abounds life forms.

Thus, inside and outside of your physical Earth are electromagnetic currents that have multiple jet streams flowing in the same direction over the Earth in the opposite direction within it.

Therefore, there are electrical currents that are parallel and flow in opposite directions, within ovoid magnetosphere. They are similar to the lines of longitude and lines roughly recognized as Curry. Still do not understand or do not recognize that they also flow in antimatter plasma that there antimagnetizm, antielektrichestvo and the whole power network that connects your physical Earth to the anti-Earth twin Omni or "parallel Earth" through a flashing effect of getting micro black holes (protons) and projection micro white holes (electrons).

Laminar flow vertical lines of longitude antimatter plasma will create a network of threads. Main vertical flow induces other threads at right angles to it, forming a golden angle offshoots at 90 degrees, that stretch forward from the vertical and horizontal threads. They pulsate in sequence according to the "flash" of units of consciousness of the world, which is somewhat related conceptual Planck scale in the space-time theory.

There are certain points within the bursts of matter-antimatter and planetary electromagnetic circuit, forming a tight knots. These nodes act as amplifiers of subatomic particles projecting coherent spiral ion fluxes of antimatter on certain vectors in the world.

It's essentially a funnel antimatter, which penetrate into the physical earth and the magnetosphere. They are part of the earth-plane between 49 and 52 degrees north and south latitude.

51st latitude — planetary geometric vector, taking a spiral stream of highly charged antimatter plasma into the physical sphere in particular nodes. Skellig Michael, Nyugreyndzh, Stonehenge, Avebury, Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Baikal and Torres del Paine, Patagonia — all are in the same latitude interval. For this reason, these areas are highly electromagnetically charged, multi-dimensional in nature and, in addition, retain an incredible balance. They are able to keep the antimatter field because of the unique magnetoelectric resonance produced by their mineralogy.

These vortices grow and twist with pulses of gravitons, positrons and antiplazmy and form a coherent plasma spirals found in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the Canadian Rockies, Lake Baikal in Siberia, and in the southern regions of Patagonia, Argentina and Chile. All these places are located near 51st latitude. These energies are arranged and combined, increasing, in a crystal-magnetic mineralogy, existing in these crystal-magnetic fields. Indeed in 2012 the planetary energy is converted into a crystalline matrix. (As we said, the human body is converted to the next generations in the crystalline aspect, going from carbon-based to silicon.)

As a result of the parallel Earth coexists more tangibly and overlaps more fully in these areas, and the nature of life forms bioplasmic really there are very common. But let's be honest, these areas are essentially macro white holes. The tremendous energy transformed into a charged antimatter and matter emitted. Antimatter is imposed, that is dual in Banff, not mingling with the matter as such, but rather the two fields co-exist in different dimensions. They're kind of the same, but are actually completely separate. Better to say that the field of antimatter in the field easier to feel through subtle body. For example, a measure-Ka-Na, significantly expand in the area. Do you understand?

Angel area of these places — the direct result of this, and is in the bioplasmic matrix.

Bioplasmic life is very real, and in fact, as we said, your subtle body and your chakra centers are woven by the plasma sphere of antimatter parallel to the ground. It is less dense form of life, and usually invisible to the naked eye. It operates at a higher frequency, and higher forms of life abound in this energy, developing it faster.

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