Party of the Belarusian Popular Front evicted from office

The Economic Court of Minsk decided to evict the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, a public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "as well as their regional and Minsk city structure of the office on Avenue Masherova 8 in Minsk. Party rented this room in 1992.

The suit to evict the structures BPF made ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk. In court, his spokesman explained the reluctance to extend the rental office necessity of its further use "for their own needs." "Office is perfect for putting our own services," — she said.

Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou announced its intention to appeal the decision of the Economic Court. In his view, the probability of losing office is very high. "We are working on various options to resolve the situation, but now everything is focused on the ability to defend the right to rent an office in the court," — said Kastusyou.

Term of lease space on the avenue Masherova 8 in which are offices of the BPF, the public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival ", as well as some of their organizational structures, ended March 31.

May 3, 100 workers of science, culture, art, human rights defenders, journalists have signed an appeal to the public, the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Nicholas Ladutko and Acting Head of the Soviet District ZHREO Oleg Samuylika with a call to protect the office of the BPF.

The issue with the office "is beyond dispute economic entities," stressed to handle. "With the expulsion of the office ZHREO eliminate peculiar island of Belorussian, where there was an active social and cultural activities …, where a Civil Society Belarus ", — stressed the authors of the appeal.

4 May Economic Court of Minsk dismissed the public association "Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "and the BPF's claim to the ZHREO Soviet district of the capital on the renewal of leases office.

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