Paul Seviarynets. Portrait against a lattice


I thank God who gave me such a son.

30th December 1976 brought me to the first feeding the boy. I leaned over him tenderly, but saw with horror — not him, not my son. Started shouting. Sisters ran, took the baby, brought another. And this is my! This bass, loud-mouthed, native.
Since then, the fear that anything with my son happened to not lose. And the prayer for him.

I always feel that with him.

All life — a teacher. Dream and work, what should be my disciple.

That Paul — the embodiment of that dream. Smart, talented, very organized, honest, responsible, gentle, kind, brave, selfless, with a sense of human dignity.

When studying, always for the summer to her grandmother gained a lot of books, studied them, and during the school year — further reading. Stones, books, traveling, football, bike — happy childhood. Write started as soon as the characters learn to understand — there were still five short years. Poems, short stories, invented encyclopedia of the country.

He created himself. And this work never stops. Only once told him, "You're much is given, much will ask." This is memorized. Hence, the attitude towards life, "If not me, then who."

Tatiana Seviarynets, the mother of Paul Sevyarinets              

Parental sheet

While the government is held in custody of my son Paul Sevyarinets and his like-minded colleagues, preparing them over the massacre in the style of the 30s, while the bloodthirsty pets crave immoral regime of innocent human lives in Minsk, "subway", while Belarusians anxiously peering into the future, was born poem.


The parent of a threshold
Will the road.
Here — relatives,
Here — the homeland,
Given by God.
As filial recognition
In joy and sorrow
Let there
Clean morning
On top of Belarus!

Warriors on the PATH field
Here strangers beat:
Protected-share happiness,
Freedom protected.
I'm for them holy souls
Quietly pray —
Do not overpower
February frost
Any of Belarus!

I do not need a sky,
Where someone else's sun.
I would twinkle,
I'd ray
Of the native window sill.
The light and the fire
In fact, until the death of my heart
Together with Belarus!

It is this verse, knocked out of the soul, to strengthen the faith, love and hope for the best.

I remember every detail with what warmth, affection and love meet new life — my son — ordinary Belarusians of Orsha Land.

Paul faltered in the light of day in the morning on the penultimate night of 1976. Outside the windows of our house in the village of official Churchyard rampant Christmas cold with blowing snow. However, if my wife Tatiana went to the train stop in almost kilometer route, the wind died down, the frost softened. Go over the snow drifts and drifts through it? In sutsishanym neighborhood.

— With God! — The cross-hairs have a cleaner school Aunt Claudia, remained in the main house.

Warmly and sympathetically caused the earlier guests railway electrician uncle John and his wife, Nina.

— Here's a blanket and diapers just in case — a woman took care of.

And the head of the family, addressed a nod to the bottle in the kitchen bufetse whispered in his ear:

— You come back from the city, come on, we note …

In the morning diesel train us immediately zaapekavalasya conductor-teller, leaving the rest of "hare" and passengers without tickets.

Train drivers on the radio called "fast", which was waiting at the door in Orsha train on the platform.

The night shift at the hospital railway hospital was to linger perazmenkay.

— Who do you have at home? — Asked about eight am tired medsyastrychka elderly.

— Daughter — said sheepishly.

— And now son! — As if knowing what will please, sublimely exclaimed another fairy in a white coat.

Such a pity, elevated to true love, could not respond in the future of my son. And very naturally required him to reciprocity.

Since then it happened.

Anna Bobkov, Vera and Paul Tserlyukevich Seviarynets at a rally. The end of the 90s.

"I love Belarus!" Yes, as adults, to identify their core nature is my son.

This is the most important factor, which can be characterized by its bright personality — man, politician, writer, and designate its business and a clear stance. It was only the latest villain can juggle these concepts and throw Paul imaginary aggression or any other thoughts and actions.

"I Love Belarus". Is the title of one of his books.

I love Belarus — not just lozungOvy cry. This is the meaning of life and of courageous guy hard in their Christian faith and steadfast in his humanist beliefs. This is the foundation of his existence here and now, it is his prayer and his truth. And no one can stop this prayer or take away from him this truth, slander her, mock her, neither the prosecutor nor the judges, nor arrogant bureaucrats of the highest rank. The purity and nobility of his love for Belarus — undeniable. And even those who spitefully refers to Paul, admit it. Authority and respect naroblivayutstsa years. In Paul had the power, strength and character to create a narobak.

A successful student of the 25th Vitebsk art school with bias. Gold medal at the end. Participated in numerous competitions in a variety of subjects, among which, however, he singled out the guy geography. In his room still houses a collection of minerals, which he carefully collected a schoolboy abezdivshy bike or not the entire region of Vitebsk. Such is the obsession with such enthusiasm here. And all is not aimed at the destruction and the creation.

It is not surprising that Paul from the first call went to BSU geological faculty with specialization in mineralegii. The teacher that took the exam, all wondering, "Yeah you, man, right on the fifth course! These deep and sophisticated knowledge of the few who have experienced most of our students!" And he was a student one of the most the best and active, "five" in zachetke, stsengazet issues, dizheevskiya projects …

He did not declare it with his life and tireless work proved, I love Belarus!

In the early 90-ies of the last century, he was the only one of the members of the Republican Children's Parliament (but was then that!) Who is representing the Vitebsk Region, acted solely in the Belarusian language. And this is all that was reared in a Russian family: parents — graduates of Russian philology department of Baku State University, teachers of Russian language and literature. And the choice in favor of the mother tongue was still desyatsiklyasnik made their own, without prompting from outside coercion and conditions. Perhaps the balance of the Belarusian broke all sorts Sevyarinets living on this land for centuries, she never betrayed, had never been sold: Peter G. Paul's great-grandfather passed two bloody world wars, the grandfather of Paul Pe
trovich — World War II, which had lost a leg, but before his death tried to be helpful to people and relatives.

Active life led a young guy in the BNF. It could not forgive him reactionaries of the university. At first, trying to get dyplemnika Sevyarinets rewrite the "normal" language thesis, which he specifically wrote in Belarusian. How else to write about the Belarusian deposits of amber in Zhabinka district in Brest? It was only the intervention of the then rector of the Belarusian State University Alexander Kozulin has allowed Paul to "excellent" to defend a thesis. However, his villains have made, without giving it a recommendation for graduate school, and then naught in the distribution: gealegii sent to the Institute for the position, which is usually occupied by graduates of schools and colleges.

Of course, ambitious university graduate and considered it an insult to the honor and dignity and professionalism. Especially in this time of his persistent and comprehensive journalism captured, beautiful literature and politics. Paul becomes a public person with an active lifestyle, without taking on the spirit of hypocrisy and compromise, lies and moral decay, from which they may be hand pressed forward and were marching.

Known in politics people are well aware of Paul Sevyarinets and as leader of the Young Front, and as one of the leaders in DC and still nerasshkamutanaga BNF, and as co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party.

For his beliefs, for his integrity and nyazlomnasts in upholding the ideals of democracy, freedom and national dignity Belarusians guy is not just thrown in jail, starting with the Queen and Akrestin and ending two years of "chemistry" in the logging sector in the north of Belarus and the infamous "American" is already in the heart of the Belarusian capital.

"Long live Belarus! He lives with God! "- For him in these trials is not an empty slogan, not pompous phrase, and spiritual support and sense of vital concern.

Those who have been closely following the journalistic and literary life, knows and remembers the current reports, articles and kamentaryi Paul Sevyarinets in the newspapers "The Banner of Youth", "Nasha Niva", "People's Will" and other periodicals. On the first of his stories spoke favorably Vasily Bykov. The works of Paul have been praised and specialist filelagav such, for example, a doctor of philology Nina B. Mechkovskaya. As recognition for journalistic excellence and literary abilities — membership in the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the Union of Belarusian Writers and PEN center, a literary prize named Ales Adamovich for the book "Letters from the forest," Bykov Prize "For the freedom of thought" and other honorary mark.

Even sensitive "savbelkavets" Pavel Yakubovich, while on the other side of the "fence", with a fleeting meeting at the "Slavonic Bazaar" confessed to me: "You know, Constantine, perhaps your son is right …"

It seems that I ever doubted it!

The path of martyrdom and thorny, but the lighting of tenderness and love for the motherland, to the beloved Belarus, will necessarily lead to the temple. In this belief, and it is worth.

My son, sprakavechnyya, native Belarusians, like-minded people.

He and his companions I dedicated a poem, "Meditation on Freedom Day 2011".

Oh, Belarus! Favorite. Cursed.
Martyr on roskhrystse winds.
Country of informers and provocateurs.
Country of warriors and fighters.

They who blasphemed thee, who praised.
A "third way" — a slime pit.
It so happened that the next Cain and Abel
Since ancient times, there lived a family.

Motherland! Well, do we languish for centuries?
We are the same — each! — Children of your home.
Let grievous sin forgive Abel Cain
And he had not killed his brother.


Yes, the best sons — again behind bars.
The lack of freedom — freedom?
The cry of "leaders" …
Oh, Belarus! Favorite. Cursed.
Martyr on roskhrystse winds.

I'm glad that Paul — my son. And all our great family, from grandparents, great-grandparents to salmon, is proud of his courageous and radimaaddanym relatives. But detractors and zgryzotnikam, Pharisees and a traitor, hockey players, and security officers, way affiliated with the judges and prosecutors can not answer lightly trimmed winged words of Fidel Castro, who addressed the famous Comandante batsistavskim servants of Themis in court after the storming of the Moncada barracks, "Can you, ladies and gentlemen, today condemn my son However, history would acquit him! "

And — the point!

Seviarynets Constantine, the father of Paul Sevyarinets



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