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Supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora SUSU", which was put into operation in the South Ural State University in the spring of 2010, not only solved the problem of fundamental science. About how NRU SUSU interacts with businesses, doing applied research, told told Dean, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Computer Science, Head of the Laboratory supercomputer simulation SUSU Leonid Sokolinsky.

Leonid Sokolinsky "supercomputer modeling allows to calculate with precision the degree of deformation of the ballistic fabric when it is damaged, and determine the parameters under which the fabric will not be torn"

What problems are solved on a supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora SUSU?"

— Just a supercomputer system is now solved 255 problems. By order of the Moscow company "FORT Technology", producing and exporting abroad lightweight body armor, our university carries out scientific research in their design. In the manufacture of body armor used steel plates and special ballistic fabric. Test their strength in humans is risky, and know that they will be in contact with bullets — it is necessary.

Our scientists, led by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Sergey Sapozhnikov created a very complex model of a human skeleton, which is subject to defeat at shots. In the next step, we will simulate the internal organs of people: stomach, heart, and kidneys.

Supercomputer modeling allows to calculate with precision the degree of deformation of the ballistic fabric when it is damaged, and determine the parameters under which the fabric will not tear.

It gives the customer?

— Standard Test Method — Using clay, mimicking the body, which put on a bulletproof vest. The cost of a full-scale experiment of a few thousand, but they must make at least a hundred. 99 shots modeled on a supercomputer, and the last, the control is done by the manufacturer in the presence of the Certification Commission. By this we save the customer a lot of money as well as time to develop new models of body armor — in 3-6 times.

What else, the University does on the orders of the enterprises?

— For example, the simulation of knitwear, which in performance is not inferior to imported. As you know, jersey — a very capricious fabric and make it a perfect dress sitting on a woman is not easy. This order is implemented for the enterprise "Kyshtymskiy jersey." Development of a model department of laboratory applications SUSU supercomputer simulation took about a year, and analogues in Russia has not.

In addition, the effects are simulated on a supercomputer man-made disasters in large enterprises. One of the accidents — the gap rusty pipe which is under high pressure gas. We have calculated the possible consequences of the situation, when a broken pipe falls on the next, which is also broken — as in the domino effect. This work was performed under the supervision of Professor Alexander Cherniavskii.

Another interesting challenge — designing gas and water meters to order a new generation of industrial group "Metran." It is a tube divider certain shape and a piezoelectric sensor. When there is a gas divider creates vortices, and the sensor's counting. But to make such a seemingly simple and reliable operation of the device, you need to spend a lot of experiments. No supercomputer It would take years. In addition, failed to provide a very high accuracy of calculations.

Where these counters will be used?

— In the short term, they will be used in the housing and communal services.

Do you collaborate in the field of supercomputing simulations with other universities?

— We belong to the Russian gridset and cooperate with other universities in the solution is very resource-intensive tasks. Not so long ago, we participated in the development of a new drug — antithrombin. This is a more effective substitute for the American counterpart, which we are importing. The project was carried out by scientists at Moscow State University, Moscow State University but the power of a supercomputer to solve this problem is not enough. I had to draw SUSU supercomputer, Ufa, Tomsk and Nizhny Novgorod State University. We stopped all other work on our supercomputer for two days. But the joint calculations allowed as soon as possible to construct the molecular structure of the domestic drug that prevents blood clotting fast.

What is the share of commercial orders to be on your supercomputer?

— 35 percent of the 255 tasks — these are tasks application, engineering nature that are performed in our supercomputer complex on the orders of companies. The other 65 per cent — is basic research, especially in the field of quantum physics, organic chemistry and molecular biology.

Involved whether to order fulfillment firms students?

— These tasks are performed by large teams, made up of staff from the laboratory supercomputer simulations of our university professors, graduate students, and the most talented students.

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