Perimeter to BPF

For more than a month volunteers are continuing around the clock at the capital's office BPF (Masherova, 8), which is to address ZHREO Soviet district should be released on April 1. While preparing for the trial of the case, whether in the office or held daily rallies in support of the tenants. Their coordinates Secretary BPF Sergei Semeniuk.
Michas Scoble"Serge, as far as I remember, BPF from the premises on the street Varvashenya (now Masherov Avenue), the city authorities tried to evict before. But somehow managed to deal palagodits and stay. And what happens now? Why do you have to talk so emphatically ? "
Sergei Semeniuk"Measures to evict Justices had indeed taken place, but here we must understand the goals set each time ZHREO to such arrivals. Perapadpisanne was used to contract, but on less favorable terms for the BPF. After litigation and negotiation, usually, the agreement signed by the that is, we did some small concession ZHREO. ZHREO And, knowing the assignment, continued to rent. this time, no proposals from the ZHREO we have not heard. immediately spoke of the unconditional expulsion of the BPF from inside the Masherova 8. And today looks that agree with ZHREO impossible, they do not offer anything under the contract. "
Scoble"But all this time, Justice acted in the former regime, which are all used to. Why suddenly public utilities needed to evict you?"
Semeniuk"You just need to remember when it's the first letter of ZHREO about the eviction. This was literally on the third day after the Town Council was organized by collecting donations for the victims of the dispersal of the rally on December 19. For us, it is obviously these things are related . after December 19 began stripping the political field, dozens of people sat on charges of criminal cases, hundreds sat in prison for administrative. in a situation of total pressure Justice was the only place in Minsk and Belarus, which operated fully and really high. day, dozens of people worked in the office and hundreds came to help prisoners. Justice literally worked around the clock. Naturally, the authorities this was unacceptable. And so they went to the only possible step for them — decided to select Masherova 8 ".
Scoble"You asked his supporters to write letters to the matter to the Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Nikolai Ladutko. Whether here what result?"
Semeniuk"The result of this is that the city authorities are behaving quite cynical. Many times we talked to ZHREO for that room still leave us. Moreover, we have been working on an idea developed with ZHREO that has been implemented, we filed application for perapadpisanne contract for three years. And — attention! — ZHREO his signature to this application set. however finally solve everything had to, if I am not mistaken, the City Property Committee. And that the city government did not agree to it.'s why the idea appeals to the chairman of the city executive committee Ladutko having jurisdiction and into our question. But the cynicism of the authorities is that all our fans come to the same answer: that in this dispute are not fastened City Council, this is a dispute between the two entities — the Belarusian Popular Front party and the Soviet ZHREO district. But ZHREO put his signature, so it is critically important to put pressure on the city government and, perhaps, by the presidential administration. These cases are solved there. "
Scoble"Before you start around the clock on the Town Council, you have taken out all of his possessions. Does this mean that you yourself do not believe that the premises will be able to defend?"
Semeniuk"In our situation, it is necessary to prepare for the different versions of the BPF eviction from the premises, so we decided to take out the valuable things that really are of historical value to the party and, I hope, for all of society. But council was left all the furniture, and book exhibition there works, and newspapers there always is. And were taken archival documents, party archives as much of the establishment of the Belarusian Popular Front party. All of this, of course, we are sorry to lose. we really are looking at various options. Maybe the seizure of power and office, and lose This seizure of documents we do not want. Currently Management operates in the same mode as she worked. Thankfully, we have a lot of fans, and we have no problem with the volunteers. "
Scoble"The room was not only Justices party headquarters, but the Belarusian cultural center — there were literary and musical evenings, held presentations of books. And all of this can not be. Right, I think that the protection of the council did not have to go ten or twenty people, and so much more. Why do not you try to do more than their share of the mass? "
Semeniuk"I think that the busiest time for the protection of the estate is yet to come, and it will be defined literally next week. If we lose the case in court, we will call the people to protect the estate more massively.

No violence against those who will throw us will not, but we want to warn the authorities will have to make the people of the council

Today we have enough of those dozen people who guard, in order to monitor the situation around the estate. While the deterioration of the situation, we do not see, and ZHREO apparently have no interest. The worsening situation may be after the trial. And we are sending a signal to the authorities that we will not leave Justices themselves. In any situation, because a fair trial Belarusian we do not believe we do not believe that he will take the right, legitimate solution. Therefore, we will to the last is on the estate. This does not mean that we will apply some violence. No violence against those who will throw us will not, but we want to warn the authorities will have to make men out of control. "
Scoble"How many of the creative people have already expressed their support for you?"
Semeniuk"Recently, at the office party was held with the participation of Vladimir Orlov, Gennadi Buraukin, Andrew Khadanovich and Vitaly Ryzhkov. This party they have proposed to do. Lot to offer such activities. We certainly all let in, contribute to the conduct of such parties, distributing information to people to know. Soon we are planning the celebration music, film. We go and political meetings, for example, there was a round table on Chernobyl. We try to fill the job manor is a variety of activities to that center of democratic life that exists there, continued exist until the last day. "
Scoble"For someone who lives in Belarus, it is obvious that the opposition parties and civil society organizations are not a serious threat to the existing regime. Why is she so zealously, so violently struggling with them — does not register, selects the premises and so on?"
Semeniuk"Perhaps, though, because the party represents a certain power. Recall the last presidential election. Political campaign did exactly the political parties and members of those parties who have worked on individual candidates. Therefore, despite the malalikasts parties, the fact that the conditions for their of very unfavorable, they are able to work with the community and are able to communicate their ideas to a wide range of Belarusians. And so the authorities know that as soon as they stop the pressure on the party, they definitely will immediately begin to grow, start to work more effectively. Therefore, i
n this government simply there is no other way out. "

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