Pharaoh’s Revenge: A series of mysterious deaths

Soon the trouble really started. The first fell ill and died of an unknown illness, Lord Carnarvon. In a deathbed delirium he muttered, his face breaks the terrible bird claws. Someone remembered that even during the first phase of the excavation was found an ancient spell text on the corridor wall, "Bird Nehbet razderet face of anyone who would encroach on the grave." On the pages of the world press fluttered sensation of revenge Pharaoh, peace is broken by archeologists.

Howard Carter tried in vain to calm their workers and the public, arguing that all the talk about revenge Pharaoh — a common superstition. Two days after the visit to the tomb of Tutankhamun printed died suddenly English philologist Professor La Fleur. His assistant, John White, who accompanied the chief, a month later hanged himself. In the suicide note, he wrote: "I am dying from the curse, forcing me to leave." Mysterious deaths of people who had some relation to the tomb of Tutankhamun, continued. Their total number, according to estimates by F. Vandenberg, was 22. The only exception was only shortly Howard Carter himself never believed in the curse.

Various authors have offered their explanation of the mechanism of action of an ancient curse. Some suspected the increased radiation in the chamber of a king (not confirmed), others blamed the microscopic spores of the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus flavus, which are sometimes found in the organic matter in the tombs. Microbiologists believe that inhalation of spores can cause a fatal lung disease. But the circumstances of the death of the majority of victims of revenge Pharaoh did not confirm the clinical picture of the disease at a similar infection. Eventually settled on the opinion of the Howard Carter that no vengeance were not there, and all the deaths occurred due to accidental coincidence.

Since the sudden death of people and events pertaining to the secret of the Pharaoh, soon stopped, then gradually died down and talk about this sensation. And when, in the early 1970s demonstrated in Kiev Exhibition of things from the tomb of Tutankhamun, among the thousands of people who stand for hours in long queues to the museum, where it was deployed, hardly anyone thought about revenge Pharaoh and hesitated about it, visit the exhibition to him or not.

However, the question of revenge Pharaoh generally not removed from the agenda, especially since some of the subsequent events in the same Egypt again reminded of a series of mysterious deaths related to the circumstances of the study of the tomb of Tutankhamun. But talking about revenge Pharaoh mostly people who believed in magic, mysterious esoteric knowledge of the Egyptian priests. Of course, such an argument flatly rejected by archaeologists and historians, especially Soviet, which are known to have been armed with the most advanced in the world and, of course, the only correct ideology.

Meanwhile, Western scientists are not being armed with Soviet ideology, which explained everything in advance, and are forced by this unfortunate circumstance to work with his hands and his head, continued to accumulate facts and seek explanation for them.

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