Pharaoh’s Revenge: An empty sarcophagus

But let's not jump to conclusions and again to visit the country of the Pharaohs. An official commission of representatives from the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, scientists from different disciplines, archaeologists, journalists began June 27, 1954 for the opening of the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Sekhemkhet, who ruled Egypt long before Tutankhamun and even before Cheops, namely between 2611 and 2603 years BC. This auspicious event was preceded by hard work, which for several years was engaged in a group, headed by the talented young Egyptian archaeologist Mohammed Zakaria Ghoneim. He was able to locate and dig out from under the sand of the desert remains of the unfinished, and possibly dismantled the ancient pyramids. From the inscriptions on it became clear that the pyramid is the tomb of the pharaoh Sekhemkhet.

After a thorough search Ghoneim found and dug out the entrance to the underground tomb of the pharaoh, carved in the rock deep beneath the pyramid. The entrance was bricked up and sealed by the seal of Pharaoh — hence, the robbers royal tombs in it not have been. In the tomb was beautifully made from a single block of alabaster sarcophagus, closed bolt heavy stone and sealed stamp Sekhemkhet. On the polished surface of the half-decayed sarcophagus lay a wreath of flowers. So, is not disturbed over 4.5 thousand years old tomb, untouched sarcophagus, mummy had to be Sekhemkhet …

And working on a signal Ghoneim begin to pull ropes slung over blocks, heavy (227 kilograms) of polished alabaster slab, entrenched firmly on the end wall of the sarcophagus in the grooves filled with mortar and sealed seals. Slowly, inch by inch, moving up stove-bolt. Ghoneim kneels down and shine a flashlight inside the sarcophagus. Unbelievable! The sarcophagus is empty!

The audience stunned: how so? How can this be? Where was the mummy of an undisturbed tomb of a sealed sarcophagus thousands of years ago? Particularly disappointed journalists who are upfront painted treasures that were supposed to be inside the sarcophagus …

Ghoneim for it, too, was a big disappointment. The book, written a few months after the opening of the sarcophagus, he does not hide his feelings. Although similar cases in the history of archeology have been known before. Ghoneim himself mentions in his book case with the tomb of Queen Hetepheres, the mother of the famous Cheops. When, in 1925, archaeologist D. Reisner opened her sealed coffin in undisturbed tomb, inside it found nothing.

The same pattern long before Ghoneim expected French archaeologist A. Marietta. He was lucky to find the Serapeum in Egypt — a complex carved into the rock of underground chambers that were huge, weighing up to 80 tons, granite sarcophagi, covered with a 20-ton granite caps. According to Egyptologists, in these sarcophagi were supposed to be the mummy of the sacred bull Apis. But when A. Mariette in 1850 with great difficulty using ropes, levers and pulleys moved one by one all the covers, then none of the sarcophagi found nothing …

Riddle of the empty sarcophagus Sekhemkhet further deepened when it was revealed the results of the analysis of the funeral flowers wreath lying on the sarcophagus. The analysis, conducted by scientists from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich (this laboratory is considered the best in the world), based on the determination of the content of radioactive carbon, gave a completely unexpected result: the wreath, and consequently, the sarcophagus and tomb Sekhemkhet appeared on over 600 years (!) Of the time, when he himself lived Sekhemkhet! It turns out that the tomb carved into the rock, put it in the empty sarcophagus, laid a wreath and all the seals sealed Pharaoh Sekhemkhet … 600 years before his birth!

By the way, unknown to archaeologists, who ruled Egypt (and the rules that anyone at all) for 600 years before Sekhemkhet, for it goes beyond the Archaic period, I Dynasty of Egypt, that is, beyond the well-known Egyptologists chronological table of Egyptian dynasties.

The fate of the archaeologist Ghoneim was tragic. As evidenced by his friends and acquaintances, he stopped to talk to them, was dark and silent, the usual sense of humor deserted him. Often archaeologist unearthed them came to the pyramid down to the underground tomb and sat for hours near the empty sarcophagus. After one of these visits, he committed suicide by throwing himself into the Nile from one of Cairo's bridges.

Two years later, a young student and assistant Ghoneim descended into the tomb and sarcophagus long studied, trying to understand him and his late chief of the secret. The next morning a Man found dead in his bed, he took an overdose of sleeping pills … So, here revenge Pharaoh? Egyptian Antiquities then ordered the closure of the entrance to the tomb Sekhemkhet and today on the grate covering the entrance to the underground chamber, hanging rusty lock.

So is there really a secret connected with the tombs of the pharaohs? What can be said today about this, discarding all ideological blinders and biases, and relying solely on the facts?

It is necessary, first of all, note that there is a belief that there is a spirit in the tombs of the deceased, which may affect the living, especially when they are, that is alive, it will invade burial. The belief that there are thousands of years and of people from different countries, races, nations and religions. It is believed that this spirit, or is it something that negatively affects the living, causing them psychological disorder, illness, or even death. On the other hand, there is the belief that the spirit of the people who were at the life of the righteous, holy men, acts on the living beneficial, especially when live comes to the grave of the saint with good intentions and a pure heart. It is known that before the revolution, tens of thousands of pilgrims have come on a pilgrimage to the tombs of saints and relics of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, waiting for the healing of ailments, forgiveness of sins. No one today can not count how many of these pilgrims really healed, but there was a great deal.

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