Pharaoh’s Revenge: The Tomb of Tutankhamun

In 1923, the world got news of one of the biggest archaeological sensations: it was not detected plundered in ancient times, the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. This boy pharaoh, who lived only about 18 years old, ruled Egypt during the so-called New Kingdom, between 1358 and 1349 years BC. No great deed he did not become famous, at least, this did not survive any historical data. Archaeologist Howard Carter, who found and excavated his tomb, not without irony, writes about Tutankhamen: "The only notable event of his life was that he died and was buried."

The culmination of a long and exhausting work of archaeologists was February 17, 1923, excavations began in 1917. Already been cleared entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun, found that even in ancient times into it, as in the other royal burials, entered the robbers, but they knocked breach was sealed up again and sealed with the seal of the name of Tutankhamun. The working-Egyptians have been excavated and made baskets workers Egyptians huge mass of earth and rubble, which was covered with sloping tunnel to the internal premises of the royal tombs. Already been disassembled second walled door, which also could be seen ancient predatory move again immured and sealed by the priests — the royal guards of the tomb.

And in the presence of numerous cultural and art, the official representatives of the Egyptian authorities and journalists Howard Carter gently pulls a block of stone from the last immured doorway leading to the royal tomb. Here he brings to the opening of a lighted match to see if there was any, immured in the room, clusters of poisonous carbon dioxide. It's okay — a match does not go out. And then Carter slips into the middle of a hand with a lit candle and a long time clings to the opening party. The tense silence is broken nerve question of Lord Carnarvon, who was, as they say today, the sponsor of the site:

— Do you see anything there?
— Oh yes — excitedly meets Carter. — Amazing stuff!

In the hallway imperial tomb disorderly heaps were dumped hundreds of items: furniture, household utensils, precious dishes, statues, ornaments and the like. Apparently, the robbers who entered the tomb, dug up everything here, choosing the most valuable items, but they are startled guards the Valley of the Kings. Priests for some reason did not restore order in the tomb. This is strange, because the ancient Egyptians believed that the list and the order of the items, which are supplied with the king in his last journey, have been crucial to its transition into the world of the gods.

The day after the opening of the tomb to Carter ran very excited working-Egyptian, and breathlessly reported that the tomb cobra swallowed the canary Carter, which I always took with him to the dungeon, knowing that these birds are very sensitive to the presence of toxic gases. In ancient Egypt, the cobra was a sacred symbol of the power of the Pharaoh.

— It was a cobra Pharaoh! — Yelled worker. — It took revenge on the bird, because she betrayed the burial place — and now will begin terrible!

In order not to disturb the workers, Carter hid from them, that before the sealed entrance to the tomb was found a clay tablet with this text: "Death to hit the wing of the one who disturb the peace of the pharaoh." Subsequently, it was discovered another spell, this time already in the tomb, before the last walled passageway who enjoyed a niche with the king's sarcophagus. The text on the back of one of the goddesses protectress read: "I am the one that turns his grave robbers flame desert. I'm the one that protects the tomb of Tutankhamun. "

Between the two figures of goddesses on the threshold guardian of the chamber with the sarcophagus lay withered, half-rotted garland of flowers, struck journalists as a last tribute to the deceased. When was subsequently opened and the sarcophagus itself, the mummy of Tutankhamun on his chest, archaeologists also saw a wreath as a last farewell of a young widow's husband.

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