Pig, cat, not a friend?

November 20, 2012 10:24

Oh, and the law is a Russian proverb that goose pig, not a friend. Comrade pig — cat, or rather, a cat.

Pig, cat, not a friend?

This story takes place in the small town of Bedford. In Finks family, which owns a small farm, it's bad luck — a fire destroyed their home. By suffering the hosts associated with the loss of property and loss, death in the fire added family pet cat Gumbo. A couple of days Finks stop looking Gumbo and set about restoring the farm, but the pig named Miss Colby not reassured.

She carefully examined the surrounding area, and at one point was the "drum" master in the forest. Harriet Finks says: "It's been a few days after the fire, but the pigs are not abating and is constantly running around in the same place in the forest. I followed her and found Gumbo. "

The cat was in serious condition. Looking for serious burns muzzle, paws and tail, veterinarians thought Gumbo not survive. But the cat is doing better, and now only the wounds on her body look like a fire. Finks rebuild their farm and do not cease to be touched friendship Gumbo and Ms. Colby.

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