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Already there is no doubt that UFOs many times have suffered disaster on Earth, but the governments of countries where this has happened, prefer …

… Keep it in the strictest confidence and quickly classify all the facts of what happened. This point of view was played in almost all the reports of the participants of the Second International Conference on the study of the UFO crash in the world, which took place in Henderson (Nevada).

The aim of the conference is to showcase the huge amount of collected materials, show the global nature of the UFO crash in the world. As one of the organizers of Ryan Wood, he estimated that 86 accidents occurred about UFOs, starting with the first registered in 1897, to the last — in Somalia in 1997.

The brightest and most well-known example of a UFO crash — the incident near the town of Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. The official version was reported that it found the wreckage of the equipment and carried her American high-rise-ball probe. Nine months after the incident at Roswell, in the same state of New Mexico near the town of Aztec earth collapsed some unidentified flying object, debris and bodies whose pilots were quickly taken away by the military.

By the way, very soon, a number of such cases and can be extended as a result of the "work" of air defense systems of individual countries. A representative of the Iranian Army Colonel Salman colossus in an interview with the newspaper "Rezalat" reported that the Air Force and Air Defense Forces were ordered to immediately destroy any "unidentified flying objects" that appear in the airspace of Iran.

Colonel listed "UFO", which will open fire on: "It may be satellites, comets or spyware and surveillance drones, trying to control Iran's nuclear facilities." He also noted that the "UFO" keeps popping up in the skies over Iran, they have been seen in recent weeks over Bushehr and Isfahan province. The newspaper "Rezalat" in his comments, reminds us that on the eve of a kind of "luminous objects" were seen above the plants and Natanz.

Thus, during the last week luminous object circled the Central Province, Bushehr and Isfahan. Moving from east to west, the UFO flew over the settlement of Natanz, where one of Iran's nuclear centers, after which the object exploded in the sky.

Local residents of the village Mohadzheran noticed a UFO in the night sky in the form of a large aircraft. This fact, according to the Iranian FARS agency, frightened population. In this case, coming from different data sources, UFOs have good maneuverability, speed and the ability to change the color of the glow. Similar phenomena were reported in Iran in late April — early May 2004.

Radar service for civil and military airports and air defense is not fixed in the sky no violations of the airspace of the Islamic Republic. However, one of the British explorer John Rendelz dealing with long anomalous phenomena, argues that "in the Iranian sky may ply-art spy aircraft." "In fact, the increase in flights UFO observed at a time when the political crisis exacerbated the situation," — says Rendelz.

According to the expert of the University of Tehran, "it's probably some atmospheric phenomena caused by abruptly changing weather conditions." However, the source did not categorically deny the allegations British counterpart of the "flying-stealth spies".

UFO, of course, broke the world not only in the twentieth century, but in the past. For example, in April 1897 in the skies over Texas town of Aurora swept a bright object, which is stored numerous eyewitness accounts, recorded in a local newspaper of the time. The object fell to the north of the city, resulting in the destruction of the local mill. The well-known journalist and writer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Jim Merrsa, author of several books on UFOs, this story deserves close attention.

The list of catastrophes "flying saucers" includes not only the incidents that took place allegedly in the United States, but also in other countries, particularly Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, France, Cambodia, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Australia. Referred to by the Conference of the Soviet Union. In particular, the conference documents horrible event that happened January 29, 1986 in the town of Dal'negorsk.

Why did all these facts officially not recognized and no open investigations in this area is? The answer to this question tried to give a speech in one of the conference organizers, Robert Wood. According to him, during the Second World War, the government kept this information secret because of a technical competition between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Then silence lasted for fear cause a general panic among the population. Not the least and the problems associated with religious issues.

However, for the physical evidence from the crash site, then, according to Jim Merrs, in all cases of catastrophes UFO government has always kept pace with the first to send his men to gather and hide all traces, and then to claim that nothing happened.

Simon Raven


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