Police warns of provocations on October

During unauthorized rallies, organized through social networks, provocations are possible with the use of special equipment — explosive packages, firecrackers, firearms.

Told reporters on June 15 of the Acting Head of Information and Public Relations of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Constantine Shalkevich.

He noted that these provocations can arrange the organizers of shares and they may be involved ordinary citizens who may be affected. According Shalkevich, the police will be hard to distinguish a person, "which plays at the event", from the ordinary passerby.

Organizing unsanctioned mass actions through social networks Shalkevich called "a new way of organizing mass disorder".

According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, now the bodies of internal affairs with other law enforcement agencies identify those who not only has the Internet calls for participation in unsanctioned actions, but also provides guidance on the premises of such information.

These appeals are directed "to destabilize the situation in the society, to engage ordinary citizens to take part in the riots," said Shalkevich.

"Law-enforcement bodies are ready to maintain order in equal, in including in Minsk. Any attempt to destabilize the situation will be dealt with severely. "

Any attempt to destabilize the situation will stop.

At issue will be June 15 in the evening have access on October Square, Shalkevich not answer.

June 14 Alexander Lukashenko vowed not to allow strikes in Belarus and unauthorized actions. "We have a" conscious "in Minsk on social networks, the Internet calling for a strike. I'm so going to watch, observe, and then as sharahnu. Do not have time for a run across the border, "- said Lukashenko.

On the same day prosecutors urged citizens "not to succumb to provocations and appeals to refrain from participating in illegal actions." According to the Prosecutor General, "those responsible for organizing or participating in illegal mass actions may be brought to the statutory responsibility."

"Action silent solidarity", initiated by the activists of "Vkontakte", held in Minsk on the evening of June 8 and lasted about an hour. On October Square gathered several hundred people — they were sitting on the steps of the Palace of the Republic, played, listened to the singing with a guitar. The action there were no arrests.

Another protest planned for tonight.

In social networks, "VKontakte", "Facebook" and the other placed the calls come weekly to the main square of the city to take part in a peaceful long-term solidarity action "Revolution through a social network."


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