Powerful whirlpool in the river Dviete in Latvia April 23, 2013 A strange freak of nature. Video


This video was recorded by accident by people who observed a spill Dviete River, which flows into the Dvina River, in a place called these Latvian Dviete. It is situated on the river of the same name Dviete.Ili Daugava.

Observers saw that in one place tightens the ice under the water and formed a whirlpool.

In the Internet version expressed that the water goes almost underworld in karst caves or underground ocean.

Shooting long. Maybe the water was a sink or a place where the water seeped into the other cavity, or other space.

According to one version, the whirlpool was formed due to this connector on the top side of the bridge. In any case, whirlpool is of natural origin.

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