Premature aging can be cured?

It's hard to believe, but Devin Scullion 16. He suffers progeria — a rare genetic disorder accelerates the aging process. Physicians reported a cure for cancer, which can be the cure for Progeria.

2. Recently conducted a scientific experiment, which was attended by 28 children. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

3. Children were administered a drug that was found to slow down, and sometimes reversing some manifestation of progeria, such as blood numbness. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

4. In 16 years, Devin has had two strokes, and with two years he suffers from arthritis. He needs to move a walker. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

5. Devin's mother — Jamie Medley says that noticed the striking improvements after son left this scientific program. His weight increased from 10 to 14 kg, improved appetite, sleep and increased energy. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

6. Devin in the room with his mother and sister Jamie Chelsea. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

7. Parents — Sean and Jamie Medley and Devin. The father engaged in cargo transportation, and work in a bank is a busy mother. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

8. These drugs began to take Devin to be a part of the program «lonafarnib», held at Boston's Children's Hospital. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

9. Children suffering from the syndrome Hutchinson-Gilforma (progeria) die about 13 years of a heart attack due to the accumulation in the body progerina. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

10. Devin was born his parents were warned that drugs do not have this disease. "But now we have hope," said Devin's mother. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim)

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