Preyzera zone — a place with its own laws of gravity

November 26, 2011 17:26

In the U.S. there is a very interesting place to constantly tourists come from all over America. For some reason, Russia Zone Prayzera know very few. This article aims to correct this misunderstanding. But first — a little history.

In 1940, the American physician George Preyzeru offered often walk in the fresh air. The doctor did not even know that it is quite ordinary council will launch one of the most mysterious places on the planet!

The fact that Preyzer, walking around his native city of Santa Cruz (CA), found an amazing place — a clearing surrounded by groves of eucalyptus.

His attention was immediately drawn to the fact that headaches (which were the reason for his visit to the doctor) stopped as soon as he entered the clearing. But this is not the only feature of this wonderful place.

Studying the clearing center George found abnormal area. All the amazing things that are happening in the area, show themselves in the center with maximum force. It was there Prayzer built a small hut, which has become a tourist attraction. Let us dwell on the extraordinary events taking place there.
If you run the metal ball through a chute that leads down to the center of the anomalous region, it does not overcome the half way, he comes back. In addition, unusual things happen, and the compass. If you hold it in your hands, at a distance from the Earth, the needle is behaving normally. But we have only just put it quite low to the surface of the needle immediately like crazy, turning half turn.

It may seem that it is in a strong magnetic properties of the soil. However, further study places showed that the "strange" behavior not only metal things. Observations suggest that, in this area behave anomalously gravity. Even people can feel the effects of these changes anomaly forces!

Approaching skewed from the "wrong" gravity hut Preyzera, tourists feel like changing the direction of gravity. They literally have to lean forward much — just because they retain a sense of balance.
Common among tourists and skeptics. One of the guides, Bill Hopkins, says that nearly cried with laughter when one of skeptical visitors, collapsed on the floor, felled anomalous gravity.

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