Proof of Gods existence

July 6, 2012 11:22

Two modest opening of American astronomers from NASA questioned all established notions of the cosmos and man's place in it. Scientists admit that they have a chance not only to prove the uniqueness of the Earth in the universe, but also to confirm the existence of God.

Established notions of the birth of the universe from the Big Bang called into question by the research team Space Flight Center NASA Goddard: aerostatic radiometer ARCADE revealed abnormally powerful noise spectrum of the background radiation pervading the universe, according to CNews, writes

Instead of randomly placed, as it should be after the Big Bang, the field of radiation, "cold" and "warm", arranged in a specific sequence, which cosmologist Joao Mageyzhu called "Axis of Evil."

The amplitude of the noise is six times greater than the total of all conceivable radio signal in the universe to be carried by the male antenna detection area.

The second discovery is even more simple, wonderfully complements the issue of the Big Bang, the newspaper "The View."

The project Galaxy Zoo found that the proportion of spiral galaxies visible from Earth as twisted clockwise, does not match the proportion of twisted in the opposite direction. In fact, these galaxies must be equal because of the position of the observer.

For example, in the northern hemisphere water goes into a drain clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere — counterclockwise. However, the idea should be considered and spiral galaxies.

In examining the orientation of spiral galaxies found in 1660, in particular, that their axes are oriented mainly towards the "Axis of Evil", which does not fit into the framework of modern cosmological model.

The second finding may reflect the fact that the Earth is unique in the universe, an agreed way, which gives us the ability to see things in the universe should not be.

If you try to imagine that the two are interconnected and open find its scientific basis, it may mean the confirmation geocentric system of the world, unique in the universe and the Earth's non-random origin of our world. Chance to prove the existence of God today than ever before.

Earlier, the Polish priest, cosmologist and mathematician, a friend of the late Pope John Paul II, was the largest scientific prize for work that demonstrates how mathematics can provide indirect evidence for the existence of God.

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