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April 24, 2012 16:26

In the Kolbrin, which until 1184 was kept in the library of the Abbey of Glastonbury (England), are surprisingly accurate information about the appearance of our planet next to unusual celestial object, which is called the Destroyer. After a fire at the abbey book had disappeared. And only recently been discovered and published in Sydney (Australia). The book consists of 11 books. It is believed that six of them were written by Egyptian scribes after the Exodus, the other five — Celtic priests after Christ. But most likely, it is an ancient Indian document, which describes the cataclysm that occurred in the distant past, and there is a warning to humanity that the Destroyer will return. Here is just a small part of this curious document:

Texts from the Book of Manuscripts (Treasury of life). Chapters 2-7.

Destroyer —

 Part 1. Great roll

People have forgotten the days of the Destroyer. And just remember the wise and know where he had gone to return to his appointed hour.

He raged in the heavens in the Days of Wrath and it was like a billowing cloud of smoke enveloped the fiery heat, for which there was no evident of his limbs. His mouth — a chasm spewing flames, smoke and hot ashes.

When the time comes, the secret laws of Heaven begin to control the stars, causing them to move in inconstancy on the changed paths, then the sky there is a big red light.

When the blood fall to the earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and spew away around the fire and ashes. Trees will be felled and all living things will die. Water will be swallowed by the earth, and the sea boil. Heaven will burn reddish fire, and the face of the earth will have a copper tint. And one day of Darkness. Introduced moon will move and fall.

People scattered in a frenzy. They will hear the trumpet and battle cry of the Destroyer and will seek refuge in caves. Fear will eat their hearts, and courage to leave them as the water cracked jug. They will be consumed by fire of anger and dissolve in the breath of the Destroyer.

So it was in the Days of Wrath of Heaven, who had passed away, and so will be in the Days of Doom, when he will come again. The timing of its arrival and departure times are known wise. Here are signs that must precede the time of the return of the Destroyer.

One hundred and ten generations have to go to a close. Will rise and fall of kingdoms. People will fly through the air like birds and swim in the sea like fish. Men will conduct negotiations with each other about the world and it will be their days — days of hypocrisy and deceit. Women will be as men and men as women, people will toy with passion.

The people rise and fall of the Magi. And their language is forgotten. Legislators country (USA) will be managed on the ground and go into oblivion. They conquered the four quarters of the earth and will talk about peace, but to bring the war. Nation Seas (NATO) will be greater than any other, but it will be like an apple with a rotten core and will not endure. People traffickers destroy people who create miracles and this will be his victory.
The high will struggle with low, north-south, east-west and the light from the darkness. People will be divided into races and their children will be born strangers among them. Brother will fight against brother, husband and wife. Fathers will no longer teach their sons, and sons will be willful. Women will become the common property of men and should not be treated with respect.
Smoot arise in the hearts of men, they will look, not knowing what, uncertainty and doubt will bother them. They will have great wealth, but are poor in spirit. Then, in the motion of the earth and the heavens will be felt slip and tremors. People will tremble in fear. And this time will be the Harbinger of Doom.

He will arrive unnoticed like sepulchral thief. People will not know what it is, people will be deceived. Hour Destroyer will close.

In those days people will be revealed to the Big Book of Wisdom, a few will be gathered for salvation. This — the hour of trial. Fearless survive daring not suffer death. Great God of Eternity, as all who give the test person in the Days of Doom will be merciful to our children.

People to grow up to suffer, but this is my time. Most of the harvest will not be directed only to the smaller of the people.
After all, the son of a thief has your scribe.

Destroyer —
Part 2. Great roll

O, the Guardians of the Universe, who are observing the Destroyer, how long your nearest continuous one guard? O, mortal men who wait without understanding where hid in the dark days of Doom, when heaven will be split in two, in the days when the children will become gray?

It — something that will be seen, this is — the horror that your eyes will behold, this is — the image of the Destroyer, which will direct you to: Will a lot of fire burning with his head constantly changing with many mouths and eyes. Terrible teeth will be seen in formless mouths and terrible dark belly will glow in purple fire. Even the most courageous man will tremble and his stomach relax, because it's something people will not understand.

It will be huge, covering the sky of the Earth curving shape, wide-open mouths which will be many shades of flame. They will fall down to sweep across the face of the Earth, capturing his open jaws. The greatest warriors come out against this in vain. Of these teeth will fall out mouths — they are suggestive icy horror large stones to be thrown at people, crushing them in the red dust.

As the great salt water increase with arrival and roaring streams showers fall on the ground, even heroes among mortal men will fall into madness. Like moths fly swiftly to his death in the burning flame, so these men would rush to their own destruction.

Fire going before, it shall devour all the affairs of men that follow the water swept away what is left. Rosa's death will fall softly gray carpet to destroy the earth.

People will moan in his madness, — «O ubiquitous, save us from this horror, save us from the gray dew of death."

Page of the Bible Kolbrin

Destroyer —
Part 3. Scroll ADEPHA

Herald of Doom, called the Destroyer, was seen in all the land of Egypt. He was a bright flaming colors, constantly changing its appearance. He moved as a spindle, as bubbling in the pool with an underground source of water, and everyone agreed that it was the most powerful awe-inspiring vision. It was not a great comet or a faint star, but more like a fiery flame.

His movements were slow in the sky. Smoke curled under him, and he was close to the sun hides his Liko.

It was painted in the color of blood, which is then changed, as he (the Destroyer) had their way. And all this has caused death and destruction in its ascent and the appearance in the sky.

He enveloped the earth in gray rain of ash and caused a lot of epidemics, famine, and other evils. He bit the skin of people and animals until they are covered with spots and stripes. The earth was trembling and restless, the hills and mountains shifted and swayed.

Dark, smoke-filled heaven fell unto the earth, and the wings of the wind in the ears of the people denounced loud howl. It was the cry of God's darkness, the Lord of Terror. Thick clouds of smoke were flaming front of him, and there was a terrible hail of hot stones and coals. Destroyer rumbled in the sky, sticking tongues of fire.

When the earth is tilted, the flow of water flowed back, and large trees were thrown down and broken like twigs. Then a voice like ten thousand pipes was heard in the wilderness, and fire breath was like a flame. The whole earth is moved, and the mountains melt. Sky itself roared like ten thousand lions in agony, and bright bloody arrows, swiftly flew back and forth across his face. Earth swelled like bread in the hearth.

Who appeared in the days of the past Herald of Doom was named the Destroyer. So it was written in the ancient chronicles, few of which have survived.

It is said that, when he appears in the heights of heaven, the earth cracked from the intense heat, like a nut roasted before the fire. Then fire up and breaks through the surface like blood from the veins. Moisture in the soil dries up all the pastures and fields vanish in the fire, and they and all trees become white ashes.

Herald of Doom is like a whirling ball of flame which scatters around in his flight a little flaming offspring. He closes his fifth of the sky and hands like snakes thumbs down to Earth.

Before his appearance sky appears frightened, he falls apart and scattered far and wide. Noon is like night. It generates a terrible event. These events and Destroyer said in ancient manuscripts. Read them with a solemn heart, knowing that the Messenger of Doom has its appointed time, and will return.

It would be foolish to allow these records to be ignored.

People are saying, — It can not happen today. Creator can not allow that to happen. But wait, that day will come, and the people, in accordance with its nature, will not be prepared.

Began in the dark days of the last visit of the Destroyer and they were foretold strange portents in the heavens.

All the men fell silent and went about with pale faces. The leaders of the slaves who built the city in honor of Tom, staged riots, and no one could keep them. They predicted a great misfortune, which did not know the people of Egypt, and which are not reported seers church.

These were days of ominous calm, when people were expecting, not knowing what to do. The hearts of men were amazed anticipation invisible threat. More was heard laughing. Grief and screams were all over the ground. Even the children's voices were silent, they do not play together, and quiet.

Slaves became bold and arrogant, and women could master any. Everywhere there was fear, land and women have become infertile, they could not get pregnant, but pregnant pregnancy interrupted. All the men kept to himself.

Days of immobility accompanied time when the trumpet and the noise was heard in heaven, and the people were like a flock without a shepherd scared when lions roam nearby.

People talked to each other about God slaves (BP: for a Jewish "god" — Satan), and some of them carelessly joked: "If we knew where this god, would bring him to sacrifice." But God was not a slave to them. It did not have to search the swamps or in the stone basins. He was in heaven for all people, all seen it, but they did not understand the sign. In this case, the other gods were silent because of the hypocrisy of people.

The bodies of the dead are no longer considered to be sacred and were thrown into the water. People neglected burial and left dead in the streets. They were vulnerable to robbery by thieves.

He who once worked full sunny day tyanuv strap cattle now possessed oxen. The one who not grow grain, now owned by the whole pantry. The one who used to live at ease among his children, now craved water. He who once sat in the sun and eating soup with crumbs, now lay back in the shadows with a distended stomach.

Cattle were left unattended and grazing, anywhere, and the people, without regard to the master's mark, butcher neighbors. All lost master. Public records were abandoned and destroyed, and no one could tell from his slave owner.

People with their problems appealed to Pharaoh, but he turned a deaf ear and acted as if nothing was heard.

There were those who had the false gods and told Pharaoh that the land needed to calm the bloody sacrifice. These were false priests, who continued to preach freely, though they were the house of Pharaoh, and carried the ground confrontation instead of peace.

Clouds of dust and smoke eclipsed the sky and colored water on which they fell with a bloody hue. Throughout the land were flour. Rivers became bloody, and blood was everywhere. The water was filthy and the people it affects bellies. Those who drank from the river, throwing up, as the waters were poisoned. Dust inflicted wounds of human and animal skin. Heat Destroyer painted red earth.

Many nasty parasites filled the air and the face of the Earth. Wild beasts, tortured with hot sand and ashes, come out of their dens and caves of the wastes, and came to human habitation. All pets roared, and the earth was filled with screams and moans of sheep cattle. Trees throughout the land have been destroyed, and it was impossible to find any herbs or fruits.

Face of the earth was broken and devastated by a hail of stones, which are crushed by falling down, all that was in their way. They are red-hot streams rushed and fell down, and strange slow fire ran after them on the ground.

Fish died in poisoned waters. Worms, insects and reptiles got out of his earthly refuge in huge quantities. Strong gusts of wind brought a swarm of locusts, which blanketed the sky.
As the Destroyer flew through the sky, strong winds swept through the land ashes. The darkness of the long night has eclipsed all the lights. There was not a ray of light. No distinction between the day or night, because there was no sun shade. The darkness was the darkness of night, but there was a thick darkness, from which human breath stuck in my throat.

People suffocated in a hot vapor cloud that envelops the earth and put out the lamps and lights. People were like paralyzed and lying moaning on their beds. No one spoke to each other, did not touch the food. All were defeated despair.

The ships were washed ashore away from the pier and destroyed huge whirlpools. It was a time of destruction. Earth turned as clay to the rotating disk of the potter.

The whole earth was filled with the sound of thunder Destroyer of a top and screaming people. Groans and complaints have been around.

Earth spewed up its dead, embalmed corpses were thrown out of the burial grounds and were in sight of all. Pregnant women have been unsuccessful labor, men do not become seed.

Master left his job, left his potter wheel, his carpenter tools, and they went to live in the swamp. Craft became unnecessary and slaves lured to his masters.
Tribute to the Pharaoh could not be collected, because there was no wheat, no barley, no birds, no fish. Pharaoh could not control nor barn or pasture.

Both noble and commoner asked death to avoid a life of confusion and continued gushing roar in their ears. Fear persecuted people during the day and night terror. People lost their minds, they were suppressed by the incident.

Longest night of Wrath of the Destroyer, when his anger was the strongest, there was hail, boulders and earth swelled, as if she were sick inside.

Gates, walls and pillars (churches) destroyed the fire, and the statues of the gods were thrown and destroyed. People fled in terror from their homes and killed by hailstones. Those who have found refuge from the city, swallowed, razverznuvshis, earth. Dwelling people collapsed on those inside, and each house was panic. But the slaves who lived in thatched huts and dugouts, survived.

Earth is burning like tinder, people ran to the rooftops, but the heavens were thrown at them their anger and they died. Land writhed under the wrath of the Destroyer and groaned with the agony of Egypt. Temples and palaces of the nobility was shaking, and they fell to the ground from their bases.

Notable people perished in the ruins, and the whole earth was amazed. Even adult firstborn of Pharaoh died along with the court of the devastation and falling rocks. The children of the nobility were thrown into the streets, and those who were not ejected, killed in their homes.

It was nine days of darkness and upheaval, and at this time of raging storm, which had never before known. When it was over, then all over the land to bury his brother. The people rose up against the rulers, and fled from the cities to live in the suburbs in the tents. Egypt lacked the wise men who could measure time. People weakened by fear and gave slaves gold, silver, lapis lazuli, turquoise and copper, and their priests, bowls and urns and ornaments.
Pharaoh alone remained calm and strong in the middle of this mess.

Of weakness and despair people were angry. Harlots shamelessly walked the streets. Women flaunt and flaunt their female nudity. Women of noble birth went to rags, and commoners their teased.

Escape the wrath of the Destroyer slaves promptly left the accursed land. A lot of them disappeared in the dawn twilight. Under cover of swirling gray ash, they left, leaving behind the rest of the burned area and destroyed cities. Many Egyptians joined the one who could control them — the son of the priest of the court of the Pharaoh.

Left over the enemies of Egypt in height growing in their strength fire. He cock the ground fountain and hung in the sky like a curtain.

After seven days, the militant damned Gypsies came to the waters. They crossed the wild mountain slopes and hills around them becomes lower in the sky above them exploded lightning. Fear drove them, but they strayed feet on the ground, and the wilderness surrounding them. They did not know the way, because before them there were no signs.

In front of the Neshari they turned and stopped in shokosa, place quarries. They crossed the water and came Meya Pikaros valley north of Mary. They met the water, which blocked their way, and their hearts were in despair. Night was a night of fear, for in the sky and heard moaning winds blew black death, and arose out of the ground fire.

Heart slaves shrank in fear, because they knew that the wrath of Pharaoh followed them, and there was no way to escape them. They jumped on those who brought them here. Strange rituals were performed that night on the beach. Slaves were arguing with each other, and there was violence.

Pharaoh gathered his army and followed the slaves. After he left behind him came the riots, as the city was looted. The laws were thrown out of the courtroom and trampled down in the streets. Warehouses and storage of grain had been opened and ransacked. Roads were flooded, and no one could show the way. Around all lay dead.

The palace was destroyed and the courtiers and officials fled, so there was no one to manage. The accounts have been destroyed, the public areas are destroyed, abandoned and households lost owners.

Pharaoh hurried forward because behind it all was the devastation and death. He met with the things that he could not understand, he was scared. But he behaved well and bravely in front of his manager. He sought to return the slaves, as saying that their magic was more than the magic of Egypt.

Managing Pharaoh came upon the slaves on the coast, but was stopped away from them breathing fire. Big cloud, stretching over the army, covered the sky. No one could see anything except the fierce heat, and continuous lightning that came from the clouds above.

Whirlwind arose in the East and swept by the Egyptians of the camp. Storm raged through the night and into the red dawn dusk earth inspired, the water receded from the coast, and, down, exposed bottom. There was a strange silence, and people see in the dark, the waters parted, forming passage. Seemed to land, but it was rough and trembling path was not direct and clear. Waters was a swirl in the bowl, but at the bottom of the swamp remained calm.

There was a high-pitched sound of the horn of the Destroyer, who stunned people. Slaves are desperate sacrifices, their cries were loud. From seen them in doubt, and they hesitated and stopped to rest. Everywhere there was confusion and shouting some rushing in water, in spite of wanting to escape back out of the temporary land.

Still, many have sought to return to the Egyptians that were behind them, while others fled along the empty beaches. All were returning by boat back to shore, but behind the earth trembled, and the rocks split from strong noise. Then their leader, stepped forward, took them through the middle razverzshihsya waters.

Wrath remote and hung over both rulers. However, managing the firm determination of the Pharaoh kept his ranks before unusual and terrible events, furiously raging on their side. Stern faces were illuminated dark fiery curtain.
Suddenly everything was quiet, and there was silence, and stillness spread throughout the world. Managing Pharaoh stood motionless among the red hot. Then commanders moved forward, shouting, and for managing them and Pharaoh.

Curtain of fire curled up in a dark billowing cloud that rose like a curtain. Water raged, but the Egyptians followed the fugitives, avoiding large whirlpools. At the bottom of the resulting mixed water passage to the ground. Here, in the middle of the noise of waters, Pharaoh fought against the very back of the slaves and defeated them, and a great slaughter among the sand, marshes and water. Slaves were shouting in despair, but their cries no one noticed. They threw behind his property in order to facilitate an escape from his pursuers.

And then the stillness was broken by the mighty roar, and a billowing cloud of angry posts Destroyer attacked the Egyptians. The heavens roared like a thousand thunders, the bowels of the Earth opens up, the earth groaned from their suffering. Rocks were moved and destroyed. Land fell below water, and big waves piled up on shore, moving among the rocks by the sea.

Large shaft from stones and the Egyptian waters overwhelmed the chariots, was ahead of his servants. Pharaoh's chariots like the mighty hand was thrown into the air, and he was among the defeated metuschihsya waters.

The news of the disaster brought on his return Redzheb son Tomato, who led the frightened, the survivors of the firestorm. He brought people to the news that the government will destroy the explosion and flooding.

Military leaders are gone, strong men lose heart, and no one was left to manage. Therefore, the people revolted because of disasters that have happened to them. Pants got out of their hiding places and then went boldly to occupy the highest positions of the victims. Beautiful and noble women who have lost their defenders, have become their prey. A large number of slaves were killed by hand control of the Pharaoh.

Damage done to the land lay helpless, and the invaders out of the darkness as scavengers. Unknown tribes moved to Egypt, and no opposition to them, as the strength and courage disappeared. Because of the wrath of Heaven, hit the ground, from Land of the Gods came invaders led by Elkenanom.

Everywhere there were clouds of reptiles and ants, the bad omens and earthquakes. Everywhere was panic and distress, confusion and hunger, and the gray breath Destroyer, Land cover and stops breathing people.

Anthurium gathered the remnants of his soldiers and the soldiers, who remained in Egypt, and put them to meet the Children of Darkness, which came from the wild in the eastern mountains Esnobis. They attacked the devastated lands of gray gloom before dawn, before the winds blew cleaning.

Redzheb went to Pharaoh and met the invaders in Heroshire, but the hearts of the Egyptians were tired. Their spirit was broken, and they were defeated before the battle was lost. Abandoned by the gods in heaven and on earth, with the destroyed homes and devastated the household, as they were half dead. Their hearts were still full of fear and anger, the memory of which fell on them from heaven. They were still full of the memory of the fearsome form of the Destroyer, and they did not know what to do.

Pharaoh did not return to the city. He lost his heritage and was engulfed in a lack of will for many days. His women were ashamed, and property looted. Children of Darkness defiled temple animals and raped women who were mad and did not resist.

They captured all who remained — old men, young men and boys. They sneered at people, finding pleasure in the humiliation and torture.

Pharaoh abandoned his hopes and went into the wilderness near the lake, which is located in the West to the South. He began to live a free life among the nomads of sand and wrote books.

But even with the invaders is the time when ships sailed up the river (Nile). The air cleared, the breath of the Destroyer disappeared, and the land was covered with new plants.
Life is reborn on earth.
CARE taught these things Children of Light in the dark days, after building Rembidos before death Pharaoh Enkeda.


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