Prosecutor calls 3 to 4 years. Activists more than a non-partisan

The trial for an activist campaign "Tell the Truth" by Pavel Vinogradov, a representative of the "European Belarus" Dmitri Drozd, Ales Kirkevich the Young, Andrew Protasenya that does not belong to any parties and movements, and Vladimir Homichenko, who was nicknamed "headset", close to the completion. During the fourth day of the process have heard the last witnesses, viewed videos, as well as the court began deliberations. Has performed the state prosecutor and three lawyers.

The trial lasted nearly eight hours. In the pleadings made by the public prosecutor Borowski and three lawyers. The prosecutor insisted that the square was a riot. He demanded a non-party programmer Andrew Protasenya and bespratsovnagaVladimera Homichenko condemn to 3 years imprisonment, a representative of the "European Belarus" Dmitri Drozd archivist — 3.5 years, an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Pavel Vinogradov and the Young Ales Kirkevich — 4 years in prison.

Do not accept any request from lawyers do not view videos that were to shed light on this matter.

Father Pavel Vinogradov Mr. Yuri opined after the meeting:

"Just no words. Do not accept any request from lawyers do not view videos that were to shed light on this matter. I do not know, I do not know … Well, at least removed the offending article on the characters. Although a shot … Anyway Pasha was convicted. However, even if Article 370 does not feature in his case. But the term, which demanded the prosecutor — it's awful. "

The prosecution Pavel Vinogradov under Article 370 — the abuse of state symbols in 2007 — filmed in connection with the termination of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution.

On the process of viewing video footage. On some frames defendants knew himself. It was evident, for example, hit her with the shield OMON soldier Protasenya as Homichenko Biu on the cabinets and tables that covered the shattered windows in the doors of Government House … But a lot of it was just general plans for the area. Lawyers have petitioned to the court showed footage from the area represented by the BHC, but the judge rejected the petition Alla Bulash. But the prosecutor said that the final judgments of previous courts which interpreted the events of December 19 as "riots" and therefore riots fully proven.

Anastasia Palazhanka appeared in court as a witness, then listened to the prosecutor and lawyers:

"The impression I have is very sad, because I was very sad to see how the process of the process of young people go to jail. All the more so at really trumped up charges in the riots that had no place to be. I am very hurt that these are my close friends, who for some time (I do not think it will be as much as calls prosecutor or judge), but would have to be in prison. I think there is no one person, who believes that the our country were riots … "

On Thursday, the 10th in the morning — the next meeting. Will perform two more lawyers. Then — with the last word of the accused. It is assumed that will be imposed and the sentence.



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