Prospects for the development of artillery

Prospects for the development of artillery
Task — gradual, systematic, coordinated evolution of the Russian Armed Forces in RAV promising combat system
Igor Artamonov
Roman Rjabcev
Present the second part of Russian military scientists dedicated to the fronts of rocket and artillery (RAV). In the first story were presented and the current status of the arms («MIC», № 34). We offer our readers RAV analysis of prospects given the inclusion of new IWT in a single information space reconnaissance.

Virtually all modern futurologists, including military experts at note that the development of IT technology now received temper global information revolution that has affected all spheres of society — politics, economics, international affairs in general, and the scope of warfare viz. The result of this process will be the formation of the new economy, information society and other respectively other military structures of the country. The information revolution affect determining manner and disposition promising weapons, including the RAV and the method of its implementation.

One can imagine that a fundamentally new weapons systems, namely Bionanotechnological instrument, will, figuratively speaking, the day after tomorrow (although technological progress is unpredictable), but what to expect tomorrow?

The role of precision-guided munitions

From the historical perspective («MIC», № 34) we can conclude a gradual reduction in the field of implementation barreled artillery weapons, at least guns and howitzers caliber main field and naval artillery. Try to substantiate this assumption.

» Robotic systems all combat the coming future, including RAV — is not prestigious trend, but an urgent necessity «
Reason for the increasing role of precision munitions (VTB) seems undeniable, as all eyes on the rocket artillery system as a means of delivering striking element (ammunition) to the target. The allegation that the shooting artillery ordinary (not precision) to secure ammunition, and even more secure and mobile targets is very inefficient, well-known fact is confirmed by extensive Least than one (!) Percentage of infected tanks since their appearance on the fields of the First World War before the end of the Vietnamese artillery fire. Because the development of guided artillery shells (UAS), which began in the midst of the ’70s, with the South American M712 «Koperhed» was caused by an urgent need.

Known and prepyadstviya faced developers UAS «Koperhed» (Russian shells and type «Krasnopol», «Measuring», «Kitolov» — they all have a semi-active laser guidance system on the beam reflected from the target). Chief among them are associated with the reliability of the electrical parts of the control system of shells during accelerations up to 20,000 g. It imposes stringent requirements on the design and the UAS (wall thickness, the strength and other characteristics). More suitable conditions for VTB provides start rockets (missiles) repeatedly with the least congestion.

Another trend is the creation of VTB artillery shells equipment or submunitions delivered to the target area, heads autonomous guidance (homing bomblets — SNBE) or target sensors (homing bomblets — SPBE). But accuracy unguided projectiles, including reactive, not enough for a secure grip head guidance munition (submunition) task, especially mobile. As it should, you need to equip the projectile guidance system and then it in the light of the above definition becomes precision.

Currently, this problem is solved by the leading states equipping missiles systems adjustments according navigation systems (global radionavigation of cosmic — KRNS type GPS, «Navstar» or specially created local PHC) or ballistic disk imaging stations. Ongoing experience in the past 2-10-s years of development and the limited implementation in Iraq and Afghanistan, the most famous type of projectile itself — South American M982 «Excalibur» identified a number of problems, including those related to the complexity of determining the coordinates using KRNS projectile move with acceleration and rotating. And in this case, have the advantage of rockets and missiles.

I must say that modern and developed long-range UAS (60-80 km and more than), for example the French «Pelican» or Italian «Volcano» to a length of 1.5 meters and equipped with sustainer engines, in other words virtually represent missiles launched of artillery barrel. Whether they need such a multi-ton, massive «launcher», besides, usually served pretty untold calculation?

Development trends RAV

Our prediction — a new generation of Russian 152-mm howitzers of the «coalition» meets the requirements of today and a day or who have served half or two decades, will be the last generation of artillery systems such type. With all this, this conclusion applies to towed and placed on light chassis similar howitzers, including the development provided to them modern ammunition shells — controlled, cluster, with functional fuses adjustment line of motion, long-range, as modern AIMS (automated complexes control) included in SSIS (single reconnaissance information place).

Collage Andrew greyish

Not as clear prospects artillery weapons tanks and other combat vehicles, rapid-fire small-caliber artillery (including anti-aircraft naval and land, assault and army aviation), MLRS and mortars. Very briefly formulate their attention to the prospects of each of these systems.

Conducted in the midst of the ’60s in the United States is not fully successful experience substitution for regular gun M60A2 launcher anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Shillelagh» forever stole designers, especially Western, the desire to equip tanks and missile weapons, they have gained quite a highest efficiency firing tank guns standard missiles at ranges of up to 3 km. Russian designers had to make up for the lower precision weapons systems through the development of tanks tank guided missiles (TUR), run through the barrel of a gun, which provide the type of target hit the tank with a probability close to unity, at a distance of 6 km, in other words, virtually all spectrum line of sight. At the current time, to our knowledge, in the TOUR includes ammunition of all types of tanks Russian production and Israeli tanks such as «Merkava». Prospects tank guns depend on the general concept of armored, and taking into account that its main task — to defeat the purposes of the observed spectrum of alternatives is very wide: from displacement or parallel existence with missile weapon to evolution in laser «gun» or other directed energy weapon .

Identical tasks (loss observed targets in the near field) decide rapid-automatic guns (AP) caliber from 20-23 to 45-57 mm, which at the present time are additional weapons antiaircraft missile and gun complexes CB (type «Tunguska» or «Armour» ), Navy (such as «Dirk» or «Broadsword») and armored fighting vehicles (BMP, BMPT, BRM, and other APCs). Follow AP prospects, as well as small arms (guns) such class of machines is also directly dependent on the general concept of armored vehicles. If we are preparing for military action against terrorists or mass, not the most modern army of the enemy — is extremely necessary weapons. Act, God forbid, against a technologically advanced enemy — Missiles controlled better. In the long term, and that these weapons and, of course, directed energy weapon vypihnet.

Multiple launch rocket systems, which represent a kind of missile weapon in the near and distant future, integrating traditional defense systems (for example — a single South American MLRS MLRS launcher and tactical RK «Atakms»), competing with a new class of high-precision missile systems will inevitably more precision (personal conclusion of each missile in the target area — the prospect of the next few years). As in the barrel artillery systems (especially interspecific), and in particular rocket artillery separate issue is the rationale for optimal facial features samples that deserves in-depth discussion.

Mortars — artillery and infantry specifically as such may persist in the near term. Their main advantages — hanging fire line movement, simplicity, reliability, low cost, relative ease. 120-mm mortar 10 times easier 122mm howitzers and 20 times — guns of the same caliber. Development of cheap high-precision min quite an ordinary management systems (firing range because small) at the current time, it seems the «Budget» candidate LAW. Mina «Merlin» with a range of up to 6 km, having comparable LAW «Milan» an opportunity to defeat tanks, anti-tank exactly half the price of this complex range which two kilometers away, and the most modern missile LAW «Javelin» with a range of 2.5 kilometers more mines in seven or eight times. Improvement and continuing depreciation sverhtehnologichny LAW precision as the main means of destruction of the battlefield (the same rocket «Javelin» from the start of production fell by almost three times), the emergence of other weapons, such as compact Launched «with hands» shock UAV capable to find and hit goal for the terrain will lead to the transformation of traditional mortar launcher system in some high-precision weapons close act may, container type, and possibly mechanized.

Value of information is

Robotic systems all combat the coming future, including RAV — is not prestigious trend, but an urgent necessity. Besides saving personnel automated systems (robotics can be considered as the top of the automation) are much faster and usually significantly reduce errors by reducing (eliminate) the impact of the human factor.

The information revolution of recent decades has affected all aspects of human activity. Applied to systems of warfare can be said that in the current time information component in arms prevails over energy. Figuratively speaking, the most important (and difficult at this stage) to explore, shape, and finish as needed constantly hunt down «Form» goals, in other words its status and moving than incapacitate or this object is the other kind of weapon (means of destruction) .

Now for missile and artillery destruction of these funds may be established ammunition (need a lot, for all purposes may not be enough), nuclear weapons (the application in question), precision-guided munitions (themselves not enough and therefore may not be sufficient for all purposes).

Tomorrow hitting targets in a single reconnaissance information space will be completed accurately ammunition personal guidance (one object — one munition), including hypersonic (10s km — units seconds). Implementing the principle of selectivity — will not be affected all launchers of anti-aircraft division outright, and first control point, perhaps by means of electronic warfare.

The day after tomorrow will be hitting targets simultaneously directed energy weapon (laser, beam-, radio-frequency, etc.) with the introduction of air and of cosmic repeaters. Cyber ​​weapons will allow also simultaneously disable all enemy control system and the selectivity of the lesion with the introduction of guns Bionanotechnological elimination level reaches a certain «Corporal John Smith» click.

Fantasizing about the distant future, hunting believe that even thinking about the emergence of anger in my head, «John Smith» will be adjusted bionanosuperrobotom.

Basis for informed decisions

Vorachivayas to today’s realities, I must say that at least some technical analysis of prospects, at least some forecasting development trends can only give material to conduct applied research in the following adoption of sound military and political decisions on task order and equipping the Armed Forces.

Task, in our opinion, is a phased, orderly, coordinated evolution of the Russian Armed Forces in RAV promising combat system included in the means of warfare of all arms and services, functioning in a single reconnaissance information space spanning all areas of warfare — from space to the depths of the ocean and cyberspace.

Phasing involves optimal choice of volumes and directions of modernization of existing IWT ordering new samples, optimization MF & accommodation units and supplies of ammunition with the foreseeable threats.

The planned system is to improve the RAV under the general concept of (the latest version of which will create and coordinate), and can be coordinated with her concepts of rocket and artillery by types of the Armed Forces and / or types of RAV, which should be implemented by SAP, the SDO , municipal, federal and inclusive motivated applets.

Coordinate development of missile and artillery is, of course, closely linked to the proposed measures to improve the means of combat with the programs of development of all types of collateral and the fruits held base, planned and applied research, which, in fact, the subject of this article.

Igor Artamonov,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, member RARAN
Roman Rjabcev,
Ph.D., Advisor RARAN

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