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About products that pretending useful actually are not, and sometimes even harmful to our health.

Low-calorie drinks (drinks without sugar and calories).

The danger of these drinks is that we deceive your brain, which is powered only sugar. These drinks instead of sugar soderzhat sweeteners. After drinking a beverage body does not get it needs vital elements. And because we believe that by giving up sugar, then start pogloschat carbohydrates and fats. And this leads to obesity. Continuous consumption of such beverages leads to addiction and weight gain. You seem to be drinking calorie-free drinks, and instead eat a lot of other food.

How to solve this problem? You should at least have a small amount of glucose that would nourish the brain. Complete rejection of sugar — bad!

Average fat content of milk (2.5% fat)

When we eat fatty foods, thanks to "bad cholesterol" in the blood vessels are deposited plaque. According to the number of calories and cholesterol unlike milk 2.5% percent fat and 3.5% fat is not great. Since the amount of vitamin A depends on the fat content of milk (the fat content is higher, the more vitamin A), a decrease to 2.5% does not provide tangible benefits.

Conclusion: Eat low-fat milk or low-fat, and vitamin A is compensated from other sources, such as carrots.

Light olive oil

Calories and fat in a light olive oil and ordinary alike. It practically does not differ from the usual.


All pickles contain a lot of salt, which is dangerous for people with heart disease, hypertension. Salt absorbs a lot of water. This leads to swelling and increase in volume tsirkuliruyuschey blood, which in turn leads to a hypertensive crisis.
Better to replace the products included in the pickles on fresh.

Vegetable salad with mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie and fatty foods. Contains a large number of "harmful" cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). As a result all the benefits of vegetable salads with mayonnaise destroyed. Mayonnaise can substitute low-fat yogurt. And best of Season salad oil.

Eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in eggs, do not have on the human benefits. Conversely egg yolk contains a large amount of cholesterol. The best source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish, especially salmon.

Bread with grains

Bread with cereals or grains useful unless it wholegrain. In other grains are in the bread will not bring the desired benefits.

Russian salad

All vegetables for salad cooked for a long time. The softer vegetables are, the less nutrients in them remains. After cooking, they are transformed into simple carbohydrates, which leads to obesity.

Caesar salad

Very tasty and healthy salad. High in fiber, vitamins, and like leaves few calories. But the presence of fat in the salad and parmesan cheese sauce greatly increases calorie salad.

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