Pyramid — the machines of the gods

In the words of the American writer G. Hancock, "technical capabilities of our species finally caught up with his powerful instinctive desire to pry." And when the German specialist for industrial robots Gantenbrink Egyptologists suggest their services for inspection and cleaning "ventilation shafts", it is a solution after some hesitation, was given. Gantenbrink first tried to explore the northern shaft Queen's Chamber. But the path of the robot within a few meters barred distortions and stuck in the channel metal probe, stuck there in the XIX century craftsman W. Dixon. To overcome this obstacle was not possible, and in order not to risk an expensive robot Gantenbrink brought him back.

Now it is the turn of the southern channel. Robot Upua ut, softly rustling ribbed rubber tracks, disappeared in the darkness of the mysterious "ventilation shaft", and the screen was standing in the chamber of Queen monitor emerged of a channel through which he crawled (Wepwawet translated from ancient Egyptian means "the opener of the way"). Meter by meter Wepwawet climbed the steep (40 degrees) channel, while approximately 60 meters from the entrance of roughly processed pyramidal limestone is not changed to a high-quality limestone from Tours (slabs of limestone this was once covered the entire pyramid, they also usually revetted in ancient times the interior of the temples and tombs).

And here the first sensational discovery: on the floor of the channel was a small piece of any metal object (before the metal parts inside the Great Pyramid is not found). At 11.05 the robot stopped, for the way forward on the path to it was blocked by a stone slab-flap with two metal clips at the top. The end of one of the clips was broken off — apparently, that he was lying a few feet from this place. Gantenbrink aimed the laser transmitter in the lower right corner stone flap, where was a small slit. Started up the laser spot disappeared in the dark — obviously for this stone-flap door was void of unknown space.

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